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Thursday, July 11, 2013

OF BASKETBALLS AND POMPOMS: Twice a Sparty for a Bridal Shower

This year, I was a very lucky bride to be because two sets of my friends threw me a SPA-RTY for a bridal shower. The first one was given by my co-teachers while the other one was from my high school friends. If only I can be a bride again I would want to go back to it!:) My first bridal shower was done in Flirt Waxing Lounge in Kapitolyo, Pasig while the second one was in Posh Nails SM North Edsa Annex. I'll first share with you my Flirt waxing salon party. 


Okay, so they told me that the party will be at a friend's house in Pasig. When I arrived there, three of my office mates were already waiting for me at the car. So I was a little surprised as to where the party will be held. Then we parked in Flirt Waxing Lounge, I was shocked because I thought they would really have me waxed. One of my friend even said that I'm going to get a brazilian wax. I was not ready for that. But as soon as I entered the salon, there they were and the salon was decorated with pink and black furniture. They also had a banner of "BEST WISHES JHO" displayed in one of the walls. It turned out that it was a sparty. I was seated in the pink couch and they put a crown of flowers on me. So it was really fun. They also had some food prepared. And the best part is they prepared all my favorite food. Pasta, cheese and crackers, chicken and a lot more. They also bought a personalized cupcakes with designs for a bridal shower. 

Then after dinner, I was given a foot spa and pedicure. It was sooo much fun, I felt like a real princess. Of course, I chose a pink shade for my feet. I did not get to take a photo of it cause I was too busy with the games they prepared. We had a game with an eggplant, question and answer with the bride and groom to be and other games. :) The party lasted for more than three hours. The girls all got a foot spa while some of the boys opted for massage and foot spa too. 

The staff in Flirt waxing salon was all very accommodating and sweet. They would always try to respond to our requests. The materials they also used in the salon looks clean and organized. In terms of nail polishes they offer a lot of brands and colors that customers can choose from. The space is also very conducive to a party like a bridal shower because it's not only spacious it's also very private. 


My second bridal shower happened in Posh Nails Salon at SM Annex branch. My friends surprised me with a bouquet of flower, a veil, and gloves. Then they asked me to sit in the center white sofa with fluffy pink and purple pillows. 

My posh high school barkada:)
Before we had our foot and hand spa, we first played a game of question and answer. But unlike the first bridal shower, they already asked my husband answers to trivia questions about him and our relationship. It was really fun cause it proved to me that I really know my husband to be at that time. The game was so challenging because each correct answer I give, gives me a prize, but every wrong answer is equivalent to one marshmallow in my mouth that I could not bite.:)

There were also other games like throw the bouquet,  censored questions, etc. They also prepared an AVP of our pictures before and the most surprising part is a message from my groom-to-be. While the game was going on, we were also eating as it was also allowed in the salon. Then the pampering began and it was my first time to have a gel pedicure and manicure. A different kind of nail polish is used and it lasts for a whole month. It was also my first time to experience paraffin wax. Something I've always wanted to do but have not. Lucky,lucky me!!!:)  

After the party, pampering and eating, everyone got a loot bag from La belle, kitkat and a lot more. It was such a fun night. I felt so loved and special.:)

I'd recommend Posh Nails for a bridal shower or sparty like mine. The staff was also very pleasant and accommodating. The place is very spacious but because its in a mall, we can be seen from the outside so it somehow hinders privacy. Also, we were only given three hours and as soon as our time was finished they let other customers in. It was okay on our part because they first asked our permission and situated the new customers in the front so we can still pack up our stuff. 

Thanks to my wonderful friends for taking the time, effort, and resources to make me feel special in a day. They surely made my last remaining single days a memorable one!:)

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  1. This is great one to see your blog last time I see same design to my friend Engagement party in chennai. Majorly used Aluminium scaffolding equipment used for light setting up to all trees edges. Really very gud looking.



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