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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Manila Touch launches Filipino App Spa Finder PH


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The leading spa directory of the Philippines, Manila Touch, has launched SPA FINDER PH, an app devoted to bring convenience to its users who are a massage enthusiast on June 29, 2015.


SPA FINDER PH is designed to locate spas and home service massage near you preferred city or nearby your location via GPS. You can then check their facilities, amenities, services offered, pricing, and more. Soon as you've found that perfect place to relax, you can contact them directly for reservations via a call or even SMS.



- Call or SMS your selected spa immediately for reservations.

- Find nearest spa from your location (initially available only to iOS users)

- Choose from the complete list of spas on your preferred city

- Submit information about a spa that is not included on this App

- Review an establishment by posting a comment or rating them

- Read the latest spas featured in



Spa Finder PH is more than just a top Spa Directory for Day Spas, Medical Spas, Resort Spas, Hotel Spas and Destination Resort Spas, it also showcase the best spas in and around the Philippines. This App is initially available on Google Play Store (Download Link:, and will be launched on iOS on July 2015. For more info, visit is a spa directory founded on 2010, featuring spas and on-call massage services around NCR, Boracay, Cebu, Iloilo, Pampanga, Cavite, Tagaytay, and other selected Luzon and Visayas cities.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Starting a BUDGET Friendly Dr. Seuss' Book Collection

Today I'll be sharing with you our budget friendly Dr. Seuss' book collection. I only got interested in Dr. Seuss after using it in one of my topics in class on finding one's true self. Afterwards I got to watch Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who, both of which got me hooked to it more.

Now being a mom, I discovered that it is a good source of beginner literacy for children. I could not buy at first because I found it too expensive. Amount ranging from 300 to maybe about php1000. Great thing that Enzo was given by her godmother his first ever Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat. Since then our library grew and have 12 books at the moment. Don't get shocked as I did not buy it in its regular price. (I am kuripot like that!;)) 

I discovered bookstores that sell second hand and preloved Dr Seuss books for a really really low price. About 65 to 150 per book, excited to find out where I buy it? Before that here's out collection.

I got all these in a cheaper price than in popular bookstores. The lowest book I got is at Php65 while the most expensive is at Php135.

I got these books from Book Sale and Chapter and Pages. There are more books in Chapter and Pages and they are usually in kiosk in malls. I have been to their branches in Trinoma and Market Market. Market market has a lot of children's books with about 2-3 rows of Dr. Seuss collection. I found another branch that has an actual store in Wlatermart Pasay Road, though their collection is limited. Book sale is a lot more popular and I think they have more branches. I have been to alot of Book Sale branches in the malls but I love the one in Pedro Gil.

Just remember, that when buying second hand or preloved books, it is a MUST to check it meticiuluously as there are some that has defects. Notice the differences of the prices which is an indicator of the books defects. In example, the Are you my Mother? book costs only Php85.00. I was too excited to buy the books that I was not able to notice a tear on the page. 

The book If I ran the Rainforest, alao has a slight defect but does not really matter wih me. It has a sticker name from its previous owner. Costs only Php135.

So remember Mommies and friends, we don't always have to spend much to bring joy to our children. We can still stay on budget and get our money's worth. Just a word of caution on buying second hand or preloved books, that it is like a treasure hunt. It needs patience and a lot of searching, but getting the book you like will definitely be rewarding. 

Share with me your book finds! I'd love to know about it!;)

Friday, June 26, 2015

ENERGIZER NIGHT RACE MANILA 2015: To Benefit Bantay Bata Children

How far can you go to light up someone else’s life? For the expected 2015 runners of Energizer Night Race Manila, all it takes is a step further on the road.
On June 27, 2015, witness how the road of Filinvest City, Alabang beams up as 3,000 runners dash their way to help the children of Bantay Bata 163.
“It’s time to give that spark of hope to the children assisted by Bantay Bata,” said Claire Guevarra, senior brand manager of Energizer. “Ever since our first Energizer Night Race, it’s always about giving back, running for a cause and sharing the positive energy”, added Guevarra.
The Energizer Night Race 2015 is the first open run which challenges the participants to run as many three-kilometer loop as they can in 120 minutes. Every three-kilometer run will equate to P100, 000 and will be donated to Bantay Bata as part of its operation and medical treatment funds.

According to Vincent Lizo, Energizer Philippine’s business director, a one-of-a-kind running event such as the Energizer Night Race bears truth that no competition is needed if we want to help improve the lives of children.

“Many fun runs have their own target beneficiaries, and it is interesting to note that the Filipinos are one with their fellow men in their fight against diseases, poverty, and the onslaught of ill-fated calamities,” Lizo said. “But we designed the Energizer Night Race to solely focus on the essence of helping”, added Lizo.”

A runner’s every 3k loop will be monitored through radio frequency identification (RFID). Kilometer markers in the race route will also be available to serve as the runners’ references. Moreover, a manually operated Energizer battery meter will light up every time a runner finishes a three-kilometer run. This battery meter will compile all the three-kilometer runs every runner makes until it reaches a one million benchmark. This will be put on view through an LED display onstage, and in the start and finish arc.

MJ Tiquia, Energizer brand activations manager, said that the company wants to offer its loyal followers a different experience each year so they can enjoy with their family and friends.

“We would like this year’s run to be a venue of fun and excitement for everyone who will join, so we’re focusing on their enjoyment this time more than anything else,” Tiquia shared. “Beyond the beneficiaries, we will focus on our goal to provide that “fun” for the runners so we can radiate the positivenergy to everyone” said Tiquia.

“With the race kit priced at 700 pesos, which includes race singlet, race bib, Energizer headlight, Energizer cap, Schick razor and access to pre and post race activities, we are inviting everyone to come and join us in this event. This is a good venue to bond with families and friends through a healthy activity like running, at the same time helping a common cause which is to raise P 1,000,000.00 for the children of Bantay Bata 163” added Tiquia.

The registration may be over, but you can still be one with the advocacy by being there and cheering on the runners. The support that we can give to the racers and most especially to the children beneficaries of Bantay Bata will significantly help boost their confidence and hope. Let's be one not only in having a healthy lifestyle but more on being one with the plight of the poor. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

What my Mom said: Tips to Consider in Buying a House

I received a funny and sweet text message from my mom last Monday. It had something to do with my previous post about North Fairway Homes in Bulacan. It was out of the blue but that one, short and simple message actually made a LOT of sense. 

This was her text, verbatim: 

In looking for a house and lot consider the proximity of a good school, accessibility to church, hospital, your place of work, travel time and means of transportation. Baka binabaha? How about electric and water? 

After reading her SMS, I could not help but smile because she wad being the mom that she is. She is smart, and caring. That's the reason why I idolize her very much, she knows what she's talking about and she answers all my questions especially about money, investment, and now, buying a house. 

I have always thought that the only things to consider in buying a house is the floor size, location, and budget. Thanks to my Mom for teaching me the other important things. 

Luckily, I found another real estate development in Bulacan. This is the only way to test my Mom's things to consider in buying a house. 

Kelsey Hills Subdivision is located at Brgy. Muzon San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. It is perfectely conceptualized and designed to combine urban luxury and private relaxation.

They have six (6) model houses to choose from: Lorea, Erica, Celina, Amara, Shana 957, and Bettina. 
Before I share how Kelsey Hill scored with my Mom's checklist. Let me share, one model house of Kelsey Hills which is Lorea Lofted. 

           Lorea lofted, has a minimu lot area of 45sqm, 60sqm. Floor size is 35sqm. Lofted and has 1 toilet 1 bath. 

Here's a sample computation for thw different houses: 

Amazing right? For only Php6,500 you can have your own house in a private and peaceful subdivision. With this, any family can live the dream, even ours and yours too. 

So going back to my Mom's checklist, let us see how they rate: 

 It's a 5 out of 5 and more!!! My mom is going to be delighted by this. Wish to see this place too, then comment below and schedule for a site tripping. It is better to see in person and experience it on your own. 

You can also PM me in my facebook page at for any inquiries. Chat me too for faster answers. There will be a Driven marketig agent that will entertain you better. 

Disclaimer: I am an online lead generator for Driven Marketing Services. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies Review

Hi beautiful readers! If you are from Manila well it has been a fun day for us because its a holiday!;) Happy araw ng Maynila!;) 

So last week, I got back to reviewing makeups with Happy Skin's hydrating foundation. I posted this photo as a teaser for my next beauty review: 

The Happy Skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me moisturizing lippies in First Kiss shade. 

I am a coward in wearing lipsticks. I rarely go for loud colors like red, hot pink, or anything far from my natural lip color. I'd rather wear coral or nude just cause I look really pale without lipstick. Trying out Happy skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me was not an exemption. I actually got this months ago in a Celebrity Mom event for Ms. Maricel Pangilinan's birthday, but only used it recently. I was hesitant that the color would not suit me. I thought it was too pinky and loud for me, which is something that can distract my students in class. 

But, I just could not give it up because of all the good reviews I've been hearing about it. Plus I also have a close friend who loves these lippies. So, I finally gave in. And I am glad I did! I only have good things to say about it. Before that here are some basic info about Shut Up and Kiss Me: 

Happy Skin lippies offer three-fold "lip service" the shine of a gloss, the pigment of a lipstick, and the hydration of a balm. It has shea butter, collagen, Aloe oil and Jojoba oil among its many ingredients. These ingredients ensure the utmost care for your lips. 

How to use: Twist the body of thw lippie to release the product. Line the borders of the lips to define lip shape then fill in the lips with color tocreate a creamy, rich pout. 

I gave it a try and sharing my honest to goodness review: 

Packaging: Consistently cute and had a feel of vintage to it. The vibrant colors and designs make it an accessories in itself. Such a cute sight inside a kikat kit. 
Shade and color: I got the First Kiss shade and although it looked strikingly pink, it becomes lighter once worn on the lips.

Application: Very easy to apply and glides smoothly on the lips. It felt like a lip balm and liquidy when applied on the lips. That was how soft and smooth it is.

Staying power: I applied only once on my lips as I dont like having too much lipstick on. Although I only wore one layer its color already popped and it stay alot longer than expected. I did not have to retouch for more than 6hours and I still had color on my lips. 

Moisturizing Effect: I usually get dry lips after wearing lipstick and it was something I was cautious about with Happy Skin as well. Amazingly, it did not make my lips dry. It was really hydrating on the lips and did not feel heavy as well. 

Smell and Taste: Yes I have a tendency of smelling and tasting my lipsticks. What is great about it is that it did not smell and tasted chemical. Sometimes there are lipsticks that tastes like that and smells like fragrances. 

Overall Rating: 
Happy Skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me is a must-try for lipstick and makeup enthusiasts. Its moisturizing power helps lips stay hydrated and luscious with the variety of shades available. They have a wide range of shades that would definitely suit anyone and everyone. 

For more information on Happy Skin's complete list of product, visit them on Follow them on fb and Ig: @happyskin_ph. 

What's your favorite Happy Skin product?;) Share away!;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Enzo's #OOTD: Getting Bigger Everyday

AoWell hello there, here's another #OOTD Enzo version. This was when we went to hubby's cousin in Pasig for a swimming playdate. I wanted to make him porma because he rarely gets out so when he does I make sure he looks cute.

       Longsleeves from Gingersnaps
          Pants from Gingersnaps
          Shoes from US as a gift
              Shades from HMR

It was a very hot day that Sunday which was pretty fitting to go for a swim. We bought Enzo his first floater but he did not want to use it. Instead he wanted to jump in the pool all by himself. Talk about brave kid, right?

 And so this photo happened. He was given a floater and soon enough he was awimming on his own. He was very confident in the water and I guess he got that from me. This was really a Proud Mom moment and I am just glad I have a remembrance of it. 

Anyway, here's the rest of the OOTD photos I tool of him. 

The last one is a photo with Dada, aren't they cute together?;) 

I wonder, how do you dress up your toddlers? Share them with me too!;)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Real Estate in Bulacan: North Fairway Homes

 I have grown up living in our home at Meycauayan Bulacan. At the moment I am already living here in Manila, but most of the time I love the idea of living in Bulacan again because of the sweet memories I have in our home in Meycauayan.

So I convince hubby into looking at some properties in Bulacan so we can have a sprospective home in the future. Luckily, we found North Fairway Homes in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. 

San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan becomes a possible residential and real estate investment for a lot of people. Its proximity to Manila and Quezon city makes it an ideal home for the spillover population in the city. The travel is also easy because of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and traffic is not a problem in the area. The mountains of Sierra Madre makes it appealing as well to many families. This is also something I love to see in my dream house, a nice view and a peaceful living. 


North Fairway Homes is located in Brgy Muzon. They offer affordable low cost housing with complete amenities and facilities. This includes a basketball court, clubhouse, entrance gate, concrete roads and alleys, and perimeter fence. All important services are also in place like underground drainage system, centralized water system, and Meralco electrical services. 

I was really impressed with the plan of the aubdivision and the many possible and exciting things my family and I can do when we finally move in.(haha yes I am claiming it). It seemed to be a place fit for a family and a subsidivision that cares for the family too. 

I was even impressed with the units themselves. It was the right space for a small family like ours. 

    Ground floor. Perfect for a dining and      
                         living room

                         2nd floor.

     But wait till you see the turnover unit. 

With the right interior design the space can be maximized pretty well. It also is very spacious inside. 

What is great about North fairways is that they do PagIbig financing as well. Just in case you are interested just like us then here is the complete plan of the subdivision. 

Hurry while they still have slots available. Why you would consider North Fairway Homes? Wellfor only Php5,787.20 a month this house can be your start in building a home you can call yours!;) 

If you have any questions or is interested to know more about North Fairway Homes, comment below or PM me in Facebook ( so I can direct you to a Driven Marketing agent. They also have free site visit so you can see their units too!;) 

Disclaimer: I am an online lead generator for Driven Marketing Group.  

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Life Lessons I learned from my Papa

Today is a special day for fathers all over the world. Their sacrifices, effort, and existence are given significance today. So today aside from the overflowing facebook posts about celebrating fathers' day, let me share with you lessons of life I learned from my father. 

I am a Daddy's girl. When I was little I would wait for him to get home before I could go to sleep. I was his buntot, wherever he was I was there too. Even as I grew older, we would always have chat and share stories with one another. When I was living in Manila I always made sure I had pasalubong movie or documentary for him coming home to Bulacan. He was not only my father, he was also my bestfriend. 

Now, being a parent, I realized how alike we are and I guess that's his influence on me showing. I learned a lot from him that I take as my personal principles as well. These principles and lessons has proven to be of high importance in my life. 

1. Bilib sa Sarili. My father believed in all of us and he trusts in our own decisions and diskarte in life. He knows we can overcome troubles and challenges we face. In his eyes we are the smartest, prettiest, and nicest kids possible. I thank him for that confidence.

2. Cowboy. I am not the most sosyal person, most times I am socially awkward in formal or sosyal occassions. But what I take pride in is my being Cowboy. Something I got from my father. He taught us to enjoy all experiences and not to be too maselan. With that I know I can survive anywhere. 

3. Sense of Humor. My dad's the joker in his group of friends. He makes funnybremarks and pangaasar that I took after. My cheerfulness came from him and I enjoy being this way, always positive and having a light disposition. 

4. Importance of Friendship. I always thought that if my dad entered politics in our barangay he could actually win! That's because I get surprised that he has friends of all sorts of people in our neighborhood. He can even make friends with people he just met. That is why when I meet people I appreciate their friendship and do eveything I can to be a friend. 

5. Love for simplicity and family. My papa has the simplest dreams and wishes. When I was little he only always wanted a wallet for Christmas. He wanted just delicious food and times together with he family. He enjoys his time with plants and his farm. He was the happiest when we are all together as one family. 

Now as I start my own family I always keep in mind my father. His principles in life are worth hanging on to and passing to our children. It was hard for me to understand him when I was younger but I am grateful he never gave up on me. He always knew I was a good daughter although at times I hurt him. He made me feel that I am a good daughter and mother. Who I am as a parent and as a person I owe to him. Happy Fathers day Papa and we love you!;) 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Skin's Don't Get Mad, Get Even Liquid Foundation:Review

It has been awhile since I last reviewed a cosmetic product and today I think I'd be braver and start reviewing. I just don't feel as confident to give my opinions on beauty products though I often use them.  Maybe I need more practice and I would not learn if I don't start posting about it right? 

So here's my honest to goodness review of Happy Skin's Don't Get Mad Get Even liquid foundation. 

Don't Get Mad, Get Even is a hydrating liquid foundation that has Japanese Tea Extract and Hyaluronic Acid that plumps and smoothens skin. It maintains the skin hydrated and sun protected as it has SPF 20 PA ++. You will look and feel fresh for a long time. 


The design is very hip and feminine. The title is catchy and it has a vintage-y feel to it. Although it is girly it still remained simple and easy on the eyes. What I got is shade 01: Soft Beige in a 30ml size. The size makes it easy to fit in kikay kits or purses for retouches or just to bring anywhere. I also specifically love the nozzle as its mess-free and releasea just the right amount of foundation for every application. 

The foundation covers blemishes and flaws rather effectively. In my experience it is enough to cover some of my pimple marks and evens my skin tone. It also blends perfectly well on my face. There were even instances that some of my friends and family notice the glow in my skin. They'd tell me I look fresh. 

Staying Power
I don't like retouching everytime and with Happy Skin's Hydrating Liquid Foundation I can last about four (4) hours of teaching and still look polished. I usually teach only for four hours a day so that perfectly works for me. 

Feel on the Skin 
I love the light feeling of the foundation on my skin. I don't even feel like I am wearing make up when I use it because it suits my skin well. It also is not too greasy so it's iwas hulas when I perspire.    
You'll feel like youre wearing just your skin only better. 

Here's a road test I did when I went to the hospital for the little one's check up. 

Final verdict: 
Great investing in foundation as it is the canvass of your make up. Happy Skin Don't Get Mad, Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation  prepa your skin to looking clear and hydrates before you put your make up on. It also makes your skin looking fresh and natural. So I'd say this is a good buy and you must try it for you to believe. 

I hope you found my review useful, so please watch out for my next one. Here's a teaser of what's to come next.

For more information or to order online visit them in Follow them on facebook at


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