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Monday, July 1, 2013


This is just one of those days, I write to share a part of my life that I want to immortalize through writing. And today is the day I will write about our wedding preparations that I have been putting off for the last months.

I have been married for exactly 43 days, but I can say I'm still high with the feeling of the preparations and the day itself. This will be the first part of a many part of blogs about how we achieved our dream wedding.

Part I. The Wedding Theme

When we started our wedding preparations, I wanted to have a "Happily Ever After" theme for our wedding. I was one of those girls who wanted a fairy tale-like wedding. But I also wanted to be unique so I opted for a storybook type of fairytale. I've already searched and thought of some of the motiffs for the wedding, but sadly, something did not quite feel right.

Then, a wonderful idea came to me one day. Like any other weddings, I wanted it to reflect our LOVE STORY. Our very own love story, so I went back on the early stages of our relationship. Then the VARSITY THEMED Wedding was conceptualized.

A Little Rewind: We met at a Sports fest in school in 2011. We we're both in the same department and he played basketball while I "played" volleyball. (Played is in double quotations cause I'm really not good at it.) Actually, I was more of a cheerleader in the games for both basketball and volleyball than a player. That's the reason why we had a basketball player and cheerleader theme. We opted for a varsity theme so it wouldn't be limited to basketball but also to cheerleader and schools, because technically that's really where we met.

This was the perfect theme for us. It did not only reflect our love story, it also made my hubby excited about the preps.:) He's really a basketball fanatic! And i mean REALLY a fanatic.

It was a little challenging cause we did not want our wedding to look tasteless given the unconventional theme. I've searched in the internet for some varsity wedding ideas and got pretty much a lot from it.It was really a great help but we still tried to personalized it.

Today, I would share our pre-nuptial theme. It was a varsity themed wedding taken at North Susana Executive Village, Commonwealth, Quezon City. Thanks to our friend who lives there and assisted us to reserve the place. We only paid Php500 for the whole reservation of the clubhouse. It had a basketball court, swimming pool, tennis court, and a picnic area.

Here are some of the test shots done with the groom-to-be:
This was taken in the picnic area just in front of the basketball court. They took this while I was doing my make up.

Look #1: The Jersey

We wore the uniform we used for the Sportsfest where we met. We had the same number coincidentally, or was it meant to be? I would rather believe the latter part though. It was really a little nerve-wracking and funny experience, cause we were asked to post and model different poses. It was really funny but we both enjoyed it. Luckily, our photographer from Lyf nd Foto was really professional so he helped us through the entire shoot.

So here are the raw pictures from our first look.

Look #2: The Casual Look.
We also had our casual look where we decided to have a color motiff of red. It was taken in the picnic area and swimming pool of the clubhouse. During this look, we were more comfortable with the shoot and it helped that we we're enjoying and of course, Sir Jhun, our photographer was really cool and funny.

Here are the pics!

Look #2.2. The Varsity Jacket
This is look 2.2 because we only added our personalized varsity jacket to our casual look. The jacket is made to order in a shop near Libertad. They specialize in jerseys and  basketball uniforms. If you need a supplier for these needs, just comment below and I'll give you their numbers.:)

Look #3: The SMDC Poster
We also did our formal look because we knew that basketball players also have their fair share of formal get ups. I call it SMDC Poster, as it's almost the same with SMDC's condominium billboards all over the metro. It was the last part of the shoot but its my favorite.:)

This is our wedding pre nuptial theme. I am proud that we pulled this off and that we're very happy with the results of the shoot. Thanks to our fun, cool, and very professional photographer, Mr. Jhun Bigata. You may follow them on facebook. Lyf nd Foto Imaging and PhotographyDeluxe Photography
Thanks also to our hair and make up artist: Harold Lejarde

This is the first part of our varsity wedding theme entitled "A Shot to Forever". 
Watch out for the next parts. I'll share with you our wedding invites and photobooth layouts. :)


  1. mas maganda kaya mga kuha nyo dito :D

  2. hahah eh syempre photographer naman yan so dapat lang maganda. ung sayo winner na winner:)



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