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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Be an Instant Kitchen Expert with Ensogo Budget Deals Promo

Preparing food for the family can be challenging at times. It is doubly challenging for new wives or moms that are not so used to cooking for the family. Aside from the work put into planning meals, it is also necessary to be able to provide interesting food to our family members, relatives, and friends. Cooking might be difficult at times but it can also be fun and exciting as one learns more dishes to cook. Fortunately, Ensogo Philippines helps newbie cooks in preparing exciting and unique dishes. It would not hurt to have some handy equipment to assist in cooking and what is even better is that they offer these in a budget promo specifically for online shoppers.

 Here are my top picks of kitchen equipment that can spice and make you a kitchen expert in an instant!

1. Ice Cream Maker with Spoon 
From Php300 to Php149

 A great activity for your toddlers, or just to have a healthy snacks ready at home, this Ice Cream Magic is the perfect tool to be an expert in desserts. It can also be a fun bonding activity with the kids as they learn to make their own desserts. More information about this product on the link provided.

2. Shake and Take Smoothie Maker
From Php1000 to Php 349

If you want to surprise your health conscious friends,or spouse, this Shake 'n Take can be your secret weapon. Very easy to create healthy and fresh smoothies to keep the family to eat and drink healthy drinks while enjoying weekends or movie night. 

3. Multifunction Steaming Device
From Php800 to Php349

Create cakes, siomai, and other pastries done thru steaming and impress your guest with a wide variety that you can make with this Multifunction Steaming Device. I have been able to create some dishes thru steaming using my rice cooker but with this device it can be a lot more easier.
4. Mini Chocolate Fondue Pot
From Php800 to Php 399

Make any party an exciting and "chocolatier" with this Mini Chocolate Fondue Pot. An instant fun for everyone whether children or adults, this Mini Chocolate Fondue Pot can make you an expert in desserts. Guests will definitely want you to organize more parties or go to your house everytime!:)


Grab this promo now and get your homes new kitchen equipment! Being a Kitchen expert is easier now with Ensogo Philippines Budget Deals Promo!


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