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Friday, July 19, 2013

LIFE ONLINE: 14 Days of Working at Home Online

Yes today marks my 14th day of being a full time work at home soon-to-be mom. For almost eight years I have been in a corporate and academe type of working environment. So this month of July a big change really happened to me when I decided, and luckily got hired by an online work I applied in.

I have only known about working at home through my cousin who works as an English tutor for Japanese kids. It was very convenient for her during that time because she was expecting her first born. Then I got really seriously acquainted with it from a friend who also works home-based. What's good about it is that she can take care of her son and husband, stay at home, and earn at the same time. Talk about women empowerment, right?

And because a lot of things happened to me from the last quarter of last year to this year, I decided to give it a try. My first reason was because I had too many spare time last quarter of the year because I only teach part time and I felt I was not maximizing my opportunities. Then came 2013, wherein I had a lot of new blessings, a wedding, a baby and unemployment. Yes, I had to leave the academe I have loved so much for 8 years, technically for 11 years as I also graduated there. It was a very sad part of my life but at the same time I had too much of a blessing to even complain about having to leave my passion.

It was during our wedding preparations that I landed my first online work through I signed up one day, completed the exams they required and the following day got a job interview for a transcriber position. I felt so blessed. Thrilled and amazed at how I can truly feel God guiding me to the right direction. I passed the exams for the position but unfortunately I did not get in the last exam, or so I thought. After a week, the project manager emailed me to inform me that I got hired and that I could start as soon as possible. I started a week before our wedding. That's how relaxed I was with the wedding preps.. haha.. NOT! But I needed to grab that opportunity not only for me but for my family.

Then because when it rains it pours, I was also considered in another online job where I work now full time. Actually, I am still on training for one month and on probation for six months. But again I am not complaining. I am so grateful for the people who made all this possible, and for the universe who made it all happen. To cite one example of how the universe conspired to make this all happen is our internet connection. We don't really have an internet connection here at home since last year because we only use our neighbors internet. They are that generous,, reallllyyyyyyy!!!:) Before the year ended last year we decided to get an internet connection and divide the payment between us, my brother and sister-in-law. Second, I got my laptop destroyed by doing "defragment" and all those stuff without me understanding it. In less than one week, my husband got it fixed, Free!!:) Then I was scheduled for an online exam, something I thought I couldn't pass but again miraculously I got scheduled for an initial interview. Then another bump happened when on the day of my interview twice in a row my interviewer was offline. I was a little nervous that I might not be considered for the job after all. But then again, the initial interview went online and so did the final interview. I felt hopeful after our final interview but at the same time doubtful because they finally knew I was pregnant. I understood if they will not take me in, its too much of a risk for the company, but again, blessed as I am, I got in.

And today, July 19, just to emphasize is my 14th day on the job as a home-based employee. It's not traditional, it's beyond what I expected, and it's a new world and adjustment all over again. I didn't know before that I could get this tired after a day's work.  I also did not expect to be this busy after 2 weeks of training. I also did not know that it is, this challenging.

When I decided to take an online work, I had no expectations whatsoever. I only knew that this is my BEST option now that I am starting a family. This is an opportunity where I can do both things, take care of my family and earn.

Luckily, I was not wrong. I am more than happy that I was blessed to be in this work right now. I know that this is where I belong and where I should be right now, in this moment. My life online just started and I am loving every day of it.:)

So magicspaceship is signing on.:)


  1. as they say " When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place" author C.S. Lewis.. Soo happy for you =)

  2. I am changing from a career as a teacher into one as a freelance writer, so I understand the transition phase very well. I'm glad you are getting consistent work- busy is good! :) Have you been getting most of your work on odesk?

  3. Hi Casey, I got my full time work now from a referral from a friend. Their a Hong Kong based company. I still get some projects from odesk because they only give out tasks if I ask for it. But odesk is really a good source of online work.":) How are you doing with your freelance writer work?:)

  4. Ms. Arn,thanks a bunch to you!:)

  5. Reading your post was pretty inspiring. I plan to become a at home writer too when I grow up :)

  6. Wow congrats on making it to your first 14 days of working at home...

    Working at home can be pretty challenging and I admire you for making it fulltime...

  7. It's nice to know that the work at home style suits and you. Your family is lucky to have you.

  8. nice thread...btw can u teach me how you do this?

  9. i really appreciate a lady who works hard. keep it up.

  10. What exactly does your online work entail? Is it a writing job? Marketing?

  11. It is actually nice to work at home. I have tried it for a short period of time and really liked how manageable my time was. In fact, I didn't feel like working at all. It was more relaxing talaga!



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