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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Lipstick Tag

Today, I got a surprise IG comment from Make up in Manila, that she tagged me on her blog for The Lipstick Tag. I'm not really a lipstick girl, I put on my make up but would not apply lipstick. The reason was because I was not that confident wearing it as it feels not normal lip color. I would only use lipbalms or lipstains before but this year, I vow to wear them. Why? Well, one I feel that some colors does fit me and its only a matter of confidence. I'm a no make up makeup look kind of girl and I now understand that putting on lipstick is part of the look. Coincidentally with this tag, my mom gave me a new lipstick. Found it on my desk last Sunday when I came home.:)
So here's my lipstick tag.

1. How many lipsticks do you own?
9. All of those were given to me, and I only bought one which is the Revlon Just Bitten lipbalm. Told you I'm not a fan right. But aside from that nine lipstick, I also have a lip pallette which I bought from The Makeup Artistry after our Ultimate professional make up workshop. I'd say through that workshop I've learned to love and play with lip colors.

2. What was the first lipstick that you owned?
Could not really remember cause I know I used one during college but its already ages ago. I would go for the one I remembered using in college which is a Clinique sample. Don't really remember the title or maybe I just did not pay attention to it. It was another gift given to me by my Aunt in the US.

3. What is your favorite lipstick brand?
This one's really tough, as I don't really have that much information or experience with lipstick so I have not really chosen a favorite. But before I often used Maybelline's lipstick as I feel it fit my skin tone and it's not too heavy on my lips. (if there's such a thing, ooh I hope someone could give me some lipstick 101!! hihi!) I also like Careline for my everyday use because aside from it's cheap it also tints my lips very naturally.

4. What is your most worn lipstick?
I would say it would be L'Oreal Natural lipstick. Need I say more, I'm a natural nude no make up kind of girl so it really fits me. I also don't feel shy about wearing it but it makes me not look too pale.

5. What is your favorite finish?
I'm a matte to semi-matte type like Maj of Make up in Manila. As I'm still not comfortable wearing lipstick, much more if I put shimmer on them. I would only wear shine on my lips on evening parties or if I have a nude eyeshadow for an event.

6. What was the last lipstick you bought? 
The last lipstick that I bought which is not included in my stash now is Careline. I bought it out in 711 cause I forgot to bring mine and I needed to look more alive that day( FYI, I have a very pale lips so I need to really apply lipstick to literally look alive or healthy) I am already done with it though.

7. How many lip products do you currently have in your bag?
I have only two lipsticks in my bag. One is Revlon carnation and the other is Mac Razzle Dazzler. I used Revlon when I'm feeling under the weather or if I want to glam up. While I use Mac for everyday. I love the color so much I want to wear everyday!!!!

8. What is your favorite red lip color?
I have only tried two Revlon's Just Bitten Cherry and Elf Red lipstick (Sorry, I misplaced that lipstick so I don't know it's title) I love how revlon works as a lipbalm and lipstain and that it stay really long on my lips. I love ELF as well because it's the only red lipstick I had the confidence to wear. Though, my problem with red lipstick is that it becomes cakey (is that even the right term?)

9. How do you store your lipstick?
I put them all inside my traincase with their special spot for those I don't often use. For my most used lipstick, I have an acrylic organizer where I place them for everyday easy access.

10. Which lipsticks are you currently lusting after?
Because I have limited knowledge with lipstick, but was truly amazed by MAC lipstick. It was a gift from a friend, and it is my first ever MAC lipstick. I'd say it's really gorgeous on me and it's staying power is long. I'd have to save first before I could purchase one on my own. My other cheaper lipstick brand would be NYX, I learned about its dupes and would like to collect each one of them. hihi!:)

This was a fun activity, especially for someone like me who has 0 to 5 knowledge about lipstick. Thanks for tagging me Maj of Make up in Manila. I sure learned a lot from reading yours and others lipstick tag. I'm tagging Arn and Lani. I hope you both find the time to do this as well. For any other readers who might have drop by here, hope you could comment your blogspot so I can read and follow you as well. Thanks in advance!!!:)

My #100Happydays Journey

Think you're having a bad day? Thinking of bursting out every anger in your body and go hysterical? Or do you have those moments when you just want to sulk in the corner and not talk to anybody? Well, I have those days. Days where I could not just see what's in this life for me, or what do I have that makes me happy?

It was in the first week of February, when I had one of those moments. It was a sad one. Just so you know, I have that moments in life when I feel a little sad. Luckily, I would always find a reason to be happy than focus on sadness. Though sometimes, I need that push to see things clearly and appreciate what I have than to look for what I don't have. Especially now that I am a mom, I would always be thankful cause every time I see my son, I am energized. He brings me so much happiness.

During those "emo" times, I bumped into a friends facebook page and saw her doing the 100 Happy days challenge. Instantly, I knew I needed to do it so I could count my blessings more. I was also enticed to do it because of the possible book I would get after the 100th day. What's also nice about it is they encourage people who would do it to just look into their everyday lives and see one thing that makes them happy. Kind'a neat, right?

It's very easy to do as I'm most of the time online, and I love taking pictures on instagram. I'm already on my 7th day and I hope you'd journey with me as well.

How to do this?

Just go to and you're done. I challenge everyone to be happy. Its that simple. :)

I'm on my seventh day and I chose Instagram as my social media. It's fun and a lot of people all over the world's doing it as well. Try it and let's spread happiness!:)

Follow me on instagram: @thereyoujho

Why the Mom was on MIA?

I've been procrastinating and taking blogging for granted yet again. There are moments like these when I know I have something to blog, or something to do, I decide to NOT JUST DO IT. I have these moments, I would even admit to having a lot. But here's the reason why: 

Reality Check - It's from my other blog, where I post more of the personal stuff. It was actually my blog since college before I decide to create thereyoujho. 

But I think Im back again, with all the draft blogs I have, I think I could write again. Maybe I just need to manage my time more and to not be lazy. hihi!:) 

So, expect more from me, and I hope I'll have more blogger friends soon!:) 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Reality Check

Minsan sa dami ng gusto kong gawin sa buhay hindi ko na alam kung saan ba talaga ako lulugar at kung saan talaga ako mahusay. Para mas maintindihan mo, ito ang mga gusto ko sanang mangyare sa buhay ko.

Hindi ito by order, kung ano lang ang nasa isip ko yun ang sinusulat ko, so eto na nga.

Number 1, Maging Hair and Make up artist. Or mas maging Make up artist nalang. Hindi kasama yung hair kasi di ko talaga makaya magayos ng buhok ng iba ng maayos. Madalas, nagdadalawang isip ako. Iniisip kong andami dami nang gumagawa nun, madaming mas magaling, madaming mas bata. Sinasabe ko din na hindi talaga ako magaling sa sales talk, kaya nga ba hindi naman alam ng maraming tao na nagmamake up ako. Nagaral ako, pro pa nga eh, at masaya ako habang nagaaral. Nakakaaliw. Feeling ko I can excel on this field. Mukhang kaya ko ata to. Pero unti unti lumalabo, unti unti nawawala ako..

Number 2, gusto kong maging blogger, yung medyo sikat na blogger, tulad ng mga nababasa ko. gusto ko kumita dito. parang extra income while doing something you love. Kaso, tuwing mya chance akong makapunta sa isang blogger event, hindi ako nakapunta. Kasi may mas mahalaga akong responsibilidad at yung ang maging nanay. Ngayon, unti unti nawawala na naman ang hilig ko sa pagbloblog. hindi ko kasi malaman kung saan ako, kung anong isusulat ko, kung anong content ang worth basahin ng mga netizens. Syempre hindi naman pwedeng puro buhay o thoughts ko lang, who would be interested to read about that diba? so unti unti lumalabo, unti unti nawawala ako

Number 3, gusto kong maging businesswoman. Actually madame na akong pinasok, marami pa din ang eexist ngayon, pero walang tumatagal, walang yumayabong. Minsan meron, minsan wala. Hindi ko alam kung paano papaunlaring kasi lagi akong may excuse na hindi ko kaya. Hindi ako magaling sa sales. Nahihiya ako. So unti unti lumalabo, unti unti nawawala ako

Kung nabasa mong maigi sasabihin mo malamang na eh wala naman pala akong ginawa na pinaghusayan ko. Wala akong ginawang tinutukan ko. Kahit nga yung masters ko na ilang taon ko na kinukuha hanggang ngayon eh hindi ko pa natatapos. Akala ko noon kaya kong gawin anuman anh isipin o gustuhin ko. Pag ginagawa ko yung gusto ko nararamdaman ko na parang magaling naman ako, pero dumarating ung araw o panahon na sasabihin ko malabo, mawawala din ito.

Andito na naman ako sa emo state ko. Sa mga araw na siguro kelangan ko nalang igive up ung mga bagay na hindi posible tulad ng tatlong inilista ko sa taas. Minsan kasi mas mahirap maabot ang mga gusto pag hindi mo maramdaman may mga taong sumusuporta o naniniwala sayo. Lalong mas mahirap kung ikaw mismo sa sarili mo ay ndi naniniwala sa kakayahan mo.

Matanda na ako, hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa din masabi kung saan ako magaling, kung saan ako mahusay. Hanggang ngayon marami akong gustong gawin na hanggan umpisa lang naman.

Pero nagpapasalamat pa din ako na andito ako sa sitwasyong alam kong may isang bagay akong pwedeng gawin na magiging mahusay ako. Ang pagiging INA. Hindi man ako maging make up artist, blogger, o businesswoman, alam ko na magiging worth ang buhay ko dahil may anak ako.

Hindi ito drama, reality check lang.

Monday, February 3, 2014

A year before the 30th

As you may have read from my previous post, last January 30, was my 29th birthday. You can read it here: Cheers to 29 years! Almost everything that I list down on my list did not materialize. Funny and at the same time a little bit of disappointing but somehow I still manage to make my day a unique celebration!:) 

My husband and I was able to do our first 12 Dates in 12 Days challenge which is to:
Day 9: Don’t Stop Til’ You Drop.  Find a coupon online (Living Social, Groupon, Amazon Local, etc) for a trendy new workout and jump right in.  Spinning and power yoga combined (mine and hubby’s favorite), Crunch Fitness, indoor surfing, CrossFit – there’s never a shortage of the workout studios cropping up all over town.  And if, by chance, you can’t find one with a discount coupon (or even better, a “try your first class free” offer), or if the kiddos make it tough to leave the house, find a workout video or instructional online that will make you sweat.
There’s nothing like panting with your partner after a good workout and barely mustering the energy to give each other a high five.  Good times! (The Fun Dare: 12 Dates in 12 Days) 
Our date however was very simple. It was one of those "spur of the moment" moment. It was really cold that night so we decided we wanted to walk as our exercises because as you may have read in my previous blog as well I want to be fitter and get my before pregnancy body. The walk turned into a bike ride, somewhat like "Endless Love" a koreanovela that became famous here. So we rode the bike and stroll around the village, it was so much fun. I was laughing my ass off because my hubby looked like awkward in his bike. Actually, the bike that we used was my nephew's. He had two bike so we had one for each other, lucky for us he let s borrow it.:) 

Wasn't able to take photos, though because it happened so fast and I was not able to bring a camera with me. Oh well, I'm sure there's going to be a next time because we both truly enjoyed it. 

After the bike ride, we continued with the workout, it was his workout routine. He was insisting for quite some time for me to try it but I was too lazy. Turned out I enjoyed the workout as well and had a very good night sleep that night. 

The workout only consisted of 3 exercises and a plank at the end of the set. It's 20 seconds for each exercise and 5 sets each. We follow Mike Chang in his youtube page and he has a lot of easy to follow exercises. What's good about it, is its very short but after the exercise you'll really feel the fat burning. 

Here's the link: Six Pack Shortcuts
Here's his facebook page: Six Pack Shortcuts

And because this is my last year in the twenties, I am going to make it great everyday!:) 
There you go, and happy day to all!:) 


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