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Saturday, July 6, 2013

FACE TALK:Lovin' Aquamarine

How to do the "Lovin Aquamarine" eyes

What I used: 

ELF Eyeshadow Palette

ELF concealer and highlighter
In2it eyebrow kit
clear mascara
Ever Bilena Liquid Eyeliner
Props make up brushes

1. Put in your eyebrow. Mix light and medium brown depending on your hair color. I suggest you make sure your brows' color are the same with your hair color so it would look natural.
2. Start by putting your concealer in the under eyes and crease.
You put concealer on the crease to help your eye shadow stay in place better.
3. Pat some loose powder on your under eyes so it would be easier later on to remove the excess eye shadow from your crease.
4. Put in your base color.
5. Then put in the dark green color on your crease. Make sure to use a patting technique when putting on your eye shadow.
6. On the outer corner of your eyes, put the aquamarine shadow in a triangle stroke. 
7. Remove the loose powder from your under eyes and pat some white eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes for more highlight.

I made a guide using my ELF eyeshadow pallette cause I don't know the specific names.
Hope it'll help.:)
 8. Put in your eyeliner and 2-3 coats of mascara after curling your lashes.
9. Pat a little blush on, on your cheeks and light colored lipstick so as not to overpower the eyes .
10. Pat loose powder all over and your done.
Don't forget to put on a smile to better complete your "LOVIN AQUAMARINE" look.

TTFN, (Tata for now) ladies!!!


  1. Nice mixture of blues. I'm not into colorful eye-looks. The only palette I often turn to are neutrals (other than pinks). Keep it up! :)

  2. Thanks.:) It's just one of those days I need colored eyes but my faves are also of neutral colors!:)

  3. I don't usually wear many colors on my eyes, but when I do, I wear mostly turquoise, green or purple. I have similar colors in my makeup kit, so I might recreate this look :)

  4. Wow, thanks. That's so nice to hear. I hope you'd share your make up looks with me too!:)

  5. I haven't tried wearing light colors as I love to use neutral or smokey look. And suggestion much better to take photos without adding a filter. So we can see the colors you mix! Great job! :)

  6. Dean, noted. :) I'll do that with my other make up looks. Thanks:)

  7. i like how you did it! i wish i can do it too

  8. love the colors that you used! super fun! :D

  9. Hi Zwitsy, you can do it too. just practice!!:)

  10. Hey Mish R., thanks. I did love putting it on too!!!:)



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