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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I'm very fond of playing simple games in the internet. Before i always played SIMS, Diner dash and those other sort of games. Then came the latest and my newest addiction, thanks to my friend Lani who introduced me to this site. is a site full of games ranging from easy to difficult ones. The games are in flash format so it downloads really fast and only has a short time to play. Although the games are for limited time only, some of the games are really fun and exciting. PLus the games are free, if you might get lucky there are games that are downloadable.:)

Here are some of my fave games:

1. Hotdog BushThis was the first game I ever played in The plot of the game is that George Doubya Bush was kicked out of the White House so he ended up selling hotdogs instead. When playing you just need to serve the customers whatever they would like to have. It might sound so easy at first but wait till you get to the other levels. There are additional snacks, drinks and condiments to make the game a little more thrilling. There also another surprise there when you think you've finished everything.:)
Hot Dog Bush

Click here to play this game

2. Burger Tycoon
Couldnt find a picture for the game. But this is really one of the best games available in y8. The concept is that you have to manage a fast food business but the challenging part is that you need to also manage the cattle, the farm and even the heardquarters. The gane is like SIMS but in a different setting. Really fun and realistic. You'll learn so much about the fast food business by playing this game.
Burger Tycoon

Click here to play this game

3. Fever Frenzy

Fever frenzy is a doctor pretend game. You have to treat all patients in a given time. This game is under the mouse skills category. Really exciting and challenging.
There are so many other games for your amusement just check out the site below and play your lives out.:)


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