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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FACE TALK: What's Inside my Make up Kit?

I've always wanted to share what's inside my everyday make up kit but have for the longest time put it off. But today, I've decided I'll stop procrastinating and start writing.:)

Here's my make up kit, a pouch I bought again from Japan Home. It's rectangular in shape so all my make up paraphernalia will fit into it.

Inside it are my essentials, for my everyday look I go for natural or neutral colors. I also have my 5 basic brushes in a pouch. What I like about my set of make ups is that most of it are dual purpose and is not too bulky. I only bring with me small sizes so it wouldn't be too heavy on my bag.

This is  my brush kit, I bought the pouch in Landmark department store. They have different colors and designs as well. It's good to put your brushes in their own pouches to keep it from becoming dirty. It's also better to have your equipment organized than to have it in a messy make up kit.

From upper left to right:
1. Eyelash curler
2. Maybelline BB Cream
3. Careline pressed powder
4. In 2 It eyebrow kit
5. Everbilena Mascara
6. Physician's Formula Eyeliner
7. Blush
8. L'oreal Coral lipstick
9. Quad colored eyeshadow

I'm planning to try and make different looks out of the make ups I have so I hope you'd keep reading. I also wish you could share what's inside your make up kit as well. :)


  1. yay, maybelline BB cream has been my HG cream ever since. staple product na ata inside my vanity kit. =)

  2. true, one of the best BB creams there is in the market. Medyo affordable pa:)

  3. Do you carry this makeup kit everywhere you go or only leave it at home?

  4. Rochkirstin, this is actuallymy everyday make up kit, so yes I bring it in my bag everyday.:)

  5. Your kit looks like you cant leave your house without it. Hehe

  6. It's nice that your make up kit is compact and has only a few items so you can bring it wherever you go.

  7. I like your eyelash curler it's cute. And I also like your makeup pouch. My makeup bag contains an eyelash curler, fs bb cream, milani brow kit, bys mascara, celeteque soothing lip balm, in2it moisture intense lipstick in tawny, vs supermodel travel pack (consists of a blush, 4eyeshadows, gel liner, lip gloss).

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