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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FACE TALK: Green and Purple with Envy

I got the chance to be a HMUA for my sister-in-law in a wedding she attended last year. She wore a beige empire cut gown so we decided that we can have a colored eye shadow on her so it would contrast her neutral shade gown. 

I love green shades of eye shadow but i mixed it up with her favorite color which is purple. 
I also contoured her nose a little because it was her request.:) I'm not really good at contouring yet but I think I'm getting the hang of it already.

I'll share the step-by-step process I did with her whole look. 
Her complete look.:)

Fashion 21 Natural loose powder
ELF 100 eyeshadow pallette
in2it eyebrow kit
Clear mascara
ELF contouring and blush duo
false eyleashes
liquid eyeliner
blush on
brown mascara
(I don't remember what brands I used for some because she had her own set to match her complexion etc.)


1. Start with a clean face. Wash, tone, and moisturize.
2. Using a stipple brush, apply your foundation all over the face.
3. With your powder brush, dab loose powder all over the face.
4. With your forefinger, conceal any skin blemishes you may find. Dab with powder.
5. Before putting on the eyebrow powder, make sure that the eyebrows are properly groomed.
6. Dip your eyebrow brush in water, blend in with your choice of eyebrow color and test it in your hands before applying on the eyebrow.
7. Apply clear mascara to help it stay in place.
8. Apply eyelid primer on the eyes, dab with your base color eye shadow.
9. Put loose powder on the under eyes.
10. Apply blue shadow all over the crease.
11. On the outer corner of the eye, apply purple eye shadow making a triangle form of it.
12. Blend the two colors so the division will not be visible.
13. Put in your sized false eyelashes.
14. Draw your liquid eyeliner. Let it dry.
15. After drying, apply powder eyeliner to keep the liquid eyeliner from smudging.
16. Softly draw eyeliner on the lower eyelids.
17. Brush off loose powder.
18. Using a blush brush, apply blush on .
19. Apply lipstick and gloss.
20. Using a fan brush, remove excess make up all over the face. 

Closer up of her make up look
 *Note: To contour the nose, I made use of eye shadow. 1 lighter shade than her complexion and the other a little darker for her complexion. Apply the light colored on the bridge of the nose extending it on top of the eyebrows. For the darker color apply it on the sides of the nose and blend well. The shape of the nose depends on the color you put. Remember, light colors highlight, while dark colors contour. 

Without flash.

With flash.
Colored eyeshadow gives emphasis on the eyes but always make sure to only choose one part on your face. You don't want to look like a clown right? So balance everything. If you have colored eye shadow, go for a light lipstick. If you're going for a dark lipstick, get a neutral eyes. 

But whatever works for you, you need to have confidence.:)
Enjoy, ladies.


  1. That's a very nice combination of eye shadow colors! It looks good on you. I myself prefer mint green and pastel pink that fades out to the outer corner of my eyes (looks great on chinky eyed Filipinas!)

  2. Thanks. That's actually my sister-in-law.:) actually, I haven't tried using pink on my eyes. I think it doesn't suit me well. But I might give it a try:)

  3. Ang ganda ng eye make-up... I am not good at putting on eye make-up, so hanggang mascara lang ako hehe... More makeup tips in your blog pls...

  4. Thank you Little Miss Honey!:) Practice makes perfect right?:) I'll try to post more make up tips here. SO watch out okay? Thanks again!:P

  5. The eyeshadow did highlight your eyes and looked good on you.

  6. Thank you!:) It's actually my sis-in-law, she's my model for that look.:) I have other posts with me as the model.:) You may check it out here:

  7. Yes please... Para I would learn how to do eye make-up naman hehe...

  8. The lipstick looks natural. I love it. Tama lang na ganyan ang color nya cos her eye makeup is already a combination of colors :)

  9. I'll try as much to blog as I can about make up tips, Little Miss Honey!:)

  10. Thanks Pink Magaline. Your comment really helps boost my confidence in doing make up!:) I was a little shy to share my make up tips before but it seems I'm doing a pretty good job:) Hihi!:) thanks again!:)

  11. Your makeup looked like you are ready to walk in a fashion runway. :) Very appealing to the eyes!

  12. Thanks, Rochkirstin. The make up also lasted until the evening!:)

  13. Hi Rochkirstin, can you please give me you blog site url? I'm not really familiar with google plus.:)

  14. you look beautiful on this make-up, medyo nasobrahan lang po sa blush on cause it almost cover your whole cheeks. But over all maganda talaga lalo na yung eye shadow :)

  15. Thanks for the critic, Riza!:) I'm going to take note of it for next time.:)



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