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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FACE TALK: KPOP Inspired Blue and Pink

Last December 2012 in our school/office Christmas party, our department  decided to have a KPOP inspired theme. So    i dressed up like Girls Generation, 2NE1, etc with my other office mates. Its the best impression we can  do to look like KPOP stars.

For my look, I wore a pink mini skirt, topped it with an owled designed sleeveless and a black blazer. I also wore high knee socks and shoes. I made sure I wore very colorful if not neon  clothes to emphasize the Korean Pop style. I also wore a clear hello kitty glasses. 

Sorry, the photo's a little blurred but I hope you can see my eyes

For my make up, I used a two-colored eye shadow on my eyes. I chose blue and pink cause I already put different colored eye shadows on some of my office mates and I wanted to have a different look.:) 

What I used on my eyes:
ELF Eyelid Primer
ELF   eyeshadow pallete
EVER BILENA Liquid Eyeliner
711 False eyelashes ( I had to buy from there cause I didn't have any choice but it was still very useful to complete the look)
A better view of my eyes.
Eyelash glue
Eyelash curler

How to do it:

1. Do your usual make up routine of foundation, loose powder and eyebrows.
2. Put ELF eyelid primer on your eyes.
3. Dash loose powder on your under eyes.
4.  Apply your base eye shadow all over the crease.
5. On your inner eyes, apply pink eye shadow only halfway through.
6. On the outer corner, apply your choice of blue eye shadow. 
I have really small eyes, but the mascara,
false lashes, and eyeliner
helped open it up.
7. Then using your blending brush, blend the middle part of your eye shadow so the pink and blue color would look seamless.
8.   To apply your fake eyelashes,  make sure your false lashes is the same size of your lashes. Cut the  lashes if necessary.
9.Using a tweezer put glue on your lashes and place it on. Remember, to look down while the glue is drying out.
10. Draw your eyeliner.
11. Curl your fake lashes very softly so as not to misplace the lashes.
12. Using your  eyeliner pencil,  draw on your lower lids softly just to emphasize the eyes more. 
13.  Remove excess loose powder on your under eye.
14. Apply a natural blush on your cheeks.
15. Using a lip brush, apply a pinkish or close to your natural color lipstick.  

My husband and I at the party.

So there's my take on a KPOP inspired look for our Christmas party. I hope I did those KPOP stars justice!:)


  1. You're so pretty! We have the same hello kitty glasses ^_^ I love your look here, so KPOP! :)


  2. Thanks so much!:) I'll be waiting for your future looks!!!:)

  3. you're looking so cute with those kitty glasses.nice

  4. Thank you, Debarpan.:0 What's your blogsite again? so I can follow you.:) Thanks.

  5. Nice. Although I was wondering why you decided to post this just now? Still lovely though :)

  6. Hi Geoff, thanks for the question. It's actually a long story. I just recently decided to work at home. I actually just had my first week on the job. So its only recently that I decided to take my blogging seriously, hence the late post:) hihi. I think the story is worth a new post!:) Thanks again!:)

  7. I wish I could pull off a look like that. You look amazing!

  8. Pepper Tan, I'm sure you could!!!:)

  9. You and your husband look so cute. So young and fresh!

  10. Very creative, Jho. If only I can pull that off. And yes, you did those KPOP singers justice :)

  11. Hi Michelle, thanks. We just got married last May:) hihi kaya feeling teenagers pa:)

  12. Thanks, Le-Ann!! Looking forward to more stories from you!!!!:)

  13. haha, thanks The eager traveller!:) atleast KPOP fans wouldn't hate me for doing this:) hihi!:)



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