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Saturday, July 6, 2013

MOM MATTERS: My Pregnancy Survival Kit

And yes, it is another preggy post for me today.:)
I know every soon-to-be mom are different. Some really goes through all the symptoms while some just a few of it. I am one of the lucky preggy women who experiences the later. As I'v written in my previous blog, my pregnancy was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every bit of it. Even the pains and mood swings I had were truly a fun and worth treasuring experience.

But today is about MY SURVIVAL KIT. As a preggy, I had  to make a conscious effort to still look blooming throughout the pregnancy. I did not want to look too different from how I look before. I think pregnancy actually gives a woman a natural glow but it needs to be enhanced. Also, more than ever a woman needs to take better care of herself during this stage as she's already taking care of two people. 

So, here is my survival kit during the whole ordeal.:)

1. What to Expect when you're Expecting. This is on top of my list because it guided me through the whole experience. It is really helpful because I become more prepared for the changes I would feel each month. It also prevented me to feel paranoid because everything was amazingly written in the book which meant what I was feeling was still normal. If it was beyond normal, it was also stated in the book.

2. Multivitamins, Iron, and Omega 3. These were all prescribed by my doctor. I started with only Iron and Omega 3 in the initial stages of the pregnancy. Iron is usually given to soon-to-be moms while my doctor gave me Omega3 for the brain development of my baby. Multivitamins were given to me in my second trimester because as the baby grows I also need to increase my vitamins. So the multivitamin is both for me and my baby. 

3. Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream. 
To keep my face moisturize and prevent pimples I used Human Nature's Moisturizing Night Cream. It is also organic so it is safe for me and the baby. 

4. Body Butter. One of the most essential things preggy women should have in their survival kit. I started using the Moringa body butter in the initial stages of the pregnancy to prevent any dryness in my thighs, abdomen and other areas. It is during the 7th month that stretchmarks would start appearing so I used Watson's stretchmark minimizer to prevent the stretchmarks in my thighs. I learned that if the stretchmarks is still in its red or violet stage it can still be prevented by putting body butter in the morning and evening. If it's already white then it cannot diminish anymore. So I suggest for pregnant women, moisturize, moisturize!!!

5. Fluffy Pillows. Especially in the third trimester, its a good investment to have comfortable pillows. It helps to have a good night sleep and it cushions your tummy while in a side lying position. I had some difficulty sleeping in the last trimester and lying on my left with pillows in my tummy really helped to put me into sleep.

6. Water. Lots of it. Being pregnant can be proned to urinary tracj infection (UTI) that's why its best to load on water. Water and not any other drink like coke, iced tea or coffee. These drinks would increase the chances of UTI and the sweets in this drinks can also make your baby grow a lot faster.  (which is not good if you're planning to have a normal delivery).

7. Scrapbook. I have a scrapbook of my journey since we knew I was pregnant. I kept all memorabilias such as doctor's prescription, ultrasound, and pictures of myself each month to remind myself of my wonderful journey through pregnancy. This is actually a thing, my husband and I does every after my monthly check up. We wrote our messages and feelings to our future son. It serves as our time capsule so every time I needed to be reminded of how great it is to be a mom, I would have this.. I am also excited fro my son to see how we looked like before he was born.

So what's inside your survival kit? Share it with me!!!:)
Whatever your survival kits are, what matters is you enjoy the pregnancy and 
take good care of yourself in the process.
Happy pregnancy, ladies!!!:)


  1. Part of my "pregnancy survival kit" is a dose of classical or baby themed music every night. This probably helped also in making sure that he will be in the cephalic position.

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  2. oh, yeah. good idea!:) I heard it makes babies smart too!:)

  3. I remember when I got pregnant with my eldest, I have all the pregnant kit with me just like you. nice reading your blog. Got flashback with the weird things I've done during my pregnancy.

  4. haha Thanks, Raine! I'm enjoying my pregnancy very much.:) thanks very much for your comment now I know i'm not the only one who did weird things while pregnant!:)

  5. Ahhhh! I hope to be a mom too this year! Add in Folic acid for the brain development of the baby... Enjoy your pregnancy...

  6. Good luck on the pregnancy. I'm sure you're gonna enjoy the process of pregnancy and enjoy it even better after child birth.

  7. Thank you for sharing your list! I'm on 25 weeks and now pa lang, I'm creating my list and to dos para kapag dumating na yung BIG Day okay na lahat. But more than prepping for the EDD, I'm preparing myself for an even bigger things. May nabasa ako from the Anmum site re things every mom-to-be should expect. Just want to share with everybody here:



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