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Monday, July 8, 2013

TRAVEL MARVEL: The Philippines 2013: Digital Magazine

Saw this post in facebook through Travel Factor HQ and thought it's nice to share it. It's a digital magazine about the Philippines and tourist spots you may want to travel to. It's a cool; site and the magazine itself is very informative and educational.

Click here to see the link:

Screenshots of the digital magazine:

Cover pag of the digimag
A feature about Beaches, Islands and Resorts

Introduction to the Philippines

One of the section is a feature of Eating, Shopping and Nightlife

 So for all you travellers out there, this is one guide you should probably have. It's time to tick off places you've been to as listed in the magazine or better yet visit places you haven't been before!!

Enjoy and happy reading!:)
Thanks to  Travel Factor HQ for sharing!:)
It's more fun in the Philippines!!!:) 


  1. napansin ko walang Mindanao sa magazine :)

  2. oh my, really? oonga noh. pero dapat meron na. ikaw magumpisa.. iblog mo!!!:) go tapos ispread naten. May friend ako gumawa ng page See Mindanao Project kasi madame daw magandang places dun.

  3. It's a cool magazine. Perhaps we can produce more of these to raise awareness about our country's natural beauty. There's just a lot of places where we can travel sa Pinas!

  4. True. I also hope they make it available in hard copy so people without internet access can still see it.:)

  5. That's my wish too Riza!!:) Bucketlissstttttt!:)

  6. This digital magazine is great! Hope to read its articles and entries. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Sure. Hope we could spread it to help the Philippines:) Thanks.



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