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Monday, February 27, 2012

ASK LOVE AND LIFE:Date a Boy who's Cheesy

Ethel Tacorda
Ethel Tacorda

haha!sa magkabilang dulo ng parte ng manla,meron p lng parehong tao n nsasaktan d mn mgkaprehong sitwasyon at ngayon sila n p lang ang mgkasama at mgbi2gay ng tunay saya sa isat isa...salamat nakilala kita...

******Sent 950pm in Facebook chat. In reply to the article Date a Girl who Travels, and Date a Girl who Reads. I think its also equally important to note how men can be cheesy at times without being eecky. So date a man who is cheesy, but not over the top cheesy. He says the right things at the right time. There are times that this boy will make you squirm at the thought of the cheesylines he says but deep down you know it tickled a part of your heart.

Date a man who is cheesy, he means what he says because you feel it. The words does not have to high-falluting, cause the simplest words can have the deepest meanings.

Date a man who is cheesy, maybe not all the time, maybe not personally, but when he say it in person its as if he is shy to say it because he will become vulnerable. Cheesy lines are their kryptonite. When they say it it makes them weak. Being weak in front a girl is being strong.

Date a man who is cheesy, you dont need to bring them to expensive restaurants or give them expensive gifts. Just smile the sweetest smiles and every cheesy lines becomes worth it.

You are my cheesy-iest line ever. Thanks for being my favorite line!:)

FACE TALK: The Primer/No Makeup Makeup Look

I did a primer make up look last Friday, and I thought its one of those looks worth posting to show my make up learning from all the workshop and readings Ive been doing for the past months. Im no Pro in make ups but I really enjoying putting it on and trying it out on some of my friends, (when I mean some, I mean just one person).

So here goes, my first primer/no make up make up look: 
What I used: 
1. Facial Cleanser: I used NIVEA White
2. Tone: Im a fan of Nivea so, I use the same brand
3. Liquid Foundation: Ever Bilena Oriental. For everyday use I prefer this brand as its inexpensive and covers really well. I usually use my fingers to blend it in but realized a triangle sponge could also do the trick. Remember to always wash your hands and make up applicators to avoid having pimples.
3. Loose powder: Fashion 21 Natural. With a powder brush, dusk excess powder first and use it all over the face. It seals the foundation which makes it oil and shine free. 
4. Eyebrow: In2it eyebrow kit, medium brown.The eyebrows shape your face, and its very crucial that you keep it clean and with color. Its the easiest way to look young. You dont want to look like Mona Lisa, right?
5. Eyeshadow: Avon Neutral Shade. I am a fan of the brown shades as it is very easy to match with any color of attire and its the best color to look natural. I did the 3 color shadow technique with a little contour on the eye.
6. Eyeliner: 711 eyeliner. (yes, 711 offers different cool and cheap make ups) Make sure that you apply it really near the eyelashes. After, its good to apply a powder shadow on it to keep it from smudging. I dont usually put eyeliner on the lower eyelids cause its really hot here in the Philippines so it smudges. (Ill try to learn how to be able to smudge proof it.)
7. Blush on. Avon cheek tint. I put on a very light blush so I would still have a tint of blush but does not overpower the primer look.
8. Lipstick: Careline. I use my fingers to dab on my lipstick so it would look natural. I also tap it with loose powder, (very lightly) to keep it stick.
9. Bring in the CONFIDENCE. The confidence makes any make up look stunning, well, some of it!:) 
10. I didnt put mascara as I dont have it with me during that time:)

My Oh-So Trying Hard Travel Blog at TravBuddy

Writing my travel blog is one of my bucketlist. Though Ive always wanted to write one, I dont really make time for it. I wanted it to have pictures and brochures, which makes it really hard for me to start on it. Setting my expectation too high makes it really difficult for me to post it in the internet world. So, here I am officially introducing to you my travel blog.

My first entry is for Palm Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas. Have fun reading. Its actually my first review. Looking forward to more reviews.:)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I changed the title of my previous post into 
The Green Project 7 
instead of The Green Project 74.

Why the change?

Well... I realized 74 days is too much to carry for my students and it seems unrealistic as I know how busy my students are with studies, or work, or just plain living their lives. So there, 74 changed to 7 meaning the number of weeks before our final grading. Most of my students already submitted their works, so far Im okay with what they did. Some even surprised me with their works:)

This is gonna be exciting:)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TEACHER'S TALE: IDEA: Green Project 74

While drinking coffee, checking students' papers, facebooking and texting. A seemingly great idea came to mind.   GREEN PROJECT 74 Its actually not a personal project but a project for my students this term. Im teaching a "College 101" course this term, and I find it irrelevant to give written exams. WHY? well, first I dont think I can assess their learning in class through multiple choices or essay exams. So, it came to this,  
So what is it? The title is actually a code. 

GREEN: La Salle and Benilde color
PROJECT: As it is a requirement in the subject 
74: Days till course card day
 Instructions: Its really simple. For the next 74 days starting tomorrow my students would make their own blog but with the same title The Green Project 74 by (insert name of student). Their blog will consist of different experiences they would have in CSB. (Just a little background: Most of my students are transferees from other schools, in their 2nd degrees, returning students, etc.. Most of them are also ARTS STUDENTS. Which makes this idea a lot exciting.) So anyway, for each week I will give them specific themes that they would have to incorporate in their blogs. I would require minimum of 2 blog entries for the week. They could include pictures, essays, poems, or anything they would want to include as long as it would show their experience with the school and answer the given theme of the week. 

This is really exciting for me and I hope my students would like it too:)




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