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Friday, July 26, 2013

TEACHER'S TALE: My Two Cents on Passion

I have always admired people who obviously does things not for money or fame or popularity. I have seen a lot. But this is not about passionate people, but about the opposite. We always talk about passionate people, what they do and how they are with whatever passion they have, but we rarely read articles about im-passionate people. If that's the right word?

And so I wondered. For the longest time, I consider myself a very passionate person. Passionate about teaching, about things I love to do like reading, make ups, and taking care of my family. But I guess not everyone has "passion" or I think they don't. The question now is, why do people become these kinds of people? How do we identify these kinds of people? How do we prevent from becoming one? Or stay away from them? 

I have seen and dealt with these types of people.
People who you would think works only for the sake of money because they want to have so much in life they do things even if they don't want to. This usually results to suffering maybe of themselves or unfortunately of other people.These are people who keep a record of what they have done for you or for the company or for whoever. People who are selfish and would take advantage of other people, all for their own benefit. 

Physically, these people look unpleasant, not that they are ugly or anything. Its just there is something in them that you can really pinpoint, that looks or better yet feels unpleasant. They walk around with a frown, reacts negatively, and their body language shows defensiveness. They don't consider other people's time, and go to meetings or classes late without valid excuses or without remorse. They are nice only to people who they think can be of help to them. In reality I think,they are afraid of competition, but disguises this fear with strength.I think people like these are wrongly motivated. Or they choose to be this way.  

This is where the challenge comes in. If passionate people can be influential, no doubt being impassionate as well.  So you get to choose, would you rather have the fire and let it burn or just a candle looking for a flame? For me, I would try my hardest to keep the fire burning even if I am surrounded by these kinds of people. It is by choice that a person becomes passionate, just like being happy. If you are happy with what you do regardless of any monetary reward or recognition, hold on to that and continue doing it. That is your FIRE. Like a real fire, it needs protection. Protection from air, water, and people who would try to put the flame out. Don't let them. Hold on and fight for the flame. If at the moment you are on the verge of putting out your own flame, step back and think. Recall what was good about you, what makes you smile, what keeps you alive, then maybe, just maybe, this would be enough to rekindle the flame. If you have that "impassionate" person in your life, stay guarded, make sure you are focused on your passion. You cannot let anyone overshadow what we love to do. It is your ow fire and you have to keep it safe. If that person, is your friend, family, relative or anyone close to you, what we can only do is to try and rub them with our flame, in that they find their own. 

If we are truly passionate people, we do not stop because we are already passionate as an individual. What we do should always be to try and make other people feel passionate as well. Through our actions, behavior, words, and especially thoughts. You cannot fake passion, if it isn't true, just like any flame it will die. 

Passion drives a person to a direction one chooses to go. Without it, everything would seem to feel like a routine, boring, and a senseless existence.

I challenge you, keep the fire burning. Spread like wild fire!:)


  1. I agree... We need passion and fire in our lives. People who are most successful or the best in their field are those with burning passion for their profession... I wish I will soon be working in something that I am truly passionate about..

  2. So true. We need love and passion in everything that we do. Without these 2, things will not work according to plan.

  3. One of my mentors told me before that if you things with passion, you will never fail. It is also a lot easier in doing things.

  4. I met one passionate teacher recently. Someone who walks the talk. You know, hindi puro lang turo kundi talagang isinasapuso talaga ang pagiging guro. I normally look of to that kind of person. I had lots of good professors/ teachers before but never really admired them cos they lack passion in what they're doing!

  5. I definitely agree with this. Here's a quote from one of my favorite movies:
    "Make your passion your profession, and work will become a game." -Rancho, 3 Idiots.



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