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Friday, July 5, 2013

MOM MATTERS: From a Lady to a Mother

Today is my 32nd week into the pregnancy. Until now, I could not really believe that I am about to become a mother to a beautiful little boy. I have always been fond of children, but have always been nervous of raising one of my own. It is because for one, I am a kid myself and I'm afraid I wouldn't have the patience to raise him in the long run. Unlike, of course, when I am taking care of my nieces and nephews I could easily give up because they have their own parents who would end up taking care of them when I no longer can.These have been my fears but I am still hopeful that I can be the best mom for my son. 

But what is more overwhelming me, though, is my excitement. I am so thrilled to see my son, how he looks like, smells like and  sounds like. Yes, I am also looking forward to hear him cry. (but I won't do it intentionally.:)) I am excited to be a mom, to have a purpose to wake up in the morning, or evening or anytime of the day. To clothe him in his cute, little clothes. To read to him storybooks I've been saving since 2010, and to make a scrapbook of his life. 

I am sure it will be challenging, frustrating, and tiring. But for all these, I am ready to take it. From what I've heard, being a mom, is fulfilling, and priceless. I wouldn't know it yet but I am looking forward to discovering it.  

  In my 9 month journey in the pregnancy, I loved to take pictures of my son already. I wanted him and I to always remember how we looked like before he was born. For the first trimester of the pregnancy, I could not really believe that I was pregnant because I did not have the symptoms most pregnant women felt. 
All I felt was acid in my stomach which made eating a little difficult for me. I lost ten pounds during the first trimester. But when the second trimester came, I was back to my usual self in terms of eating. I actually was eating a lot more than normal. It was fun because my tummy was becoming bigger and I could see the difference in my physique already. It meant wider hips, and bigger arms and other things that becomes big. =) 

And now I am on my third trimester, its funny how I would actually stare in my tummy to see it move. I did also try to take a video of it but he would always tease me and not move while I record it. It is also during this time that I would feel like he's stretching, kicking, and swimming inside me. IT IS SUCH A GREAT FEELING. I would say these are the moments, men would never understand. 

Here are my snapshots from December to June. Haven't taken a picture of myself this July cause it's just the start of the month. 

(From left to right) 
December 2012: Didn't know I was pregnant during our friend's wedding
January 2013: Birthday celebration at Kamameshi House (sorry for the picture)
February 2013: College graduation. I attended as a faculty.
March 2013: Training at Tagaytay
April 2013: Gawad Sinagtala in CSB

May 2013: Yes, I was 6 months in the pregnancy when I got married.:)
June 2013: Honeymoon at Bellevue

It feels like time flies too fast. Literally fast. I am actually torn between being happy and sad. I am sad that this little cute boy is about to leave my tummy in two months time because I would love for him to stay with me longer but I know its not possible and it could be dangerous. Happy, that finally, I am going to meet my little bundle of joy. My soon to be friend, playmate, and son.:)

Looking forward to my Mommy adventures and misadventures!!!:) 


  1. I'm sure you would be enjoying motherhood in a few months and hoping for your safe delivery.

  2. Super pretty naman na preggy! I am not yet a mom but I take care of my 3 nephews from time to time so I understand the joy a baby/kid brings into a family. Congrats!

  3. congrats Ethel and Jho

    (kasalukuyang lang magawa :) )

  4. Kei, yeah, being with kids is really fun. Practice na din yan:) hihi!:)

  5. Salamat Celso, at ginawa mong libangan ang blog ko!:) sana lagi kang walang magawa:P



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