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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Museo Pambata: Your Next Playdate Venue

Hello there! Here's the second part of our Museo Pambata Playdate where I will share with you the remaining four attractions or galleries in the museum.  You can read my previous post here:

Pamilihang Bayan/Marketplace

Right outside the Katawan ko/My Body Works is this Barbershop as part of the Marketplace. It is pretend neigborhood where kids can shop, and sell in different playstores. 

Fruit and vegetable and Bigasang Bayan

Gab, Rhianne, and Enzo playing pretend at the stall. They each have baskets of fruits too!;) 

Panaderia/Hot Pandesal Store

Pacing's Carinderia

A simple Tatak Pinoy store, a carinderia with complete set meals!!;) 

Other play stores include: Pharmacy,Sari Sari Store and Sapatusan!;) 

But what Enzo really loved is the Fire Truck!!!;) He loves cars and driving them so he really stayed a long time there. 

Then we went to my favorite spot in the museum. Can you guess what it is?

Yes!!! It's the Aklatang Pambata/Children's Library. The library has a wide collection of books for all ages. The area is just right for a reading or storytelling station. Kids can find their own reading nook and enjoy their books. They also have storytelling sessions but unfortunately they did not have one when we visited. Kids can also borrow books from the library which is a real bonus for them. 

Next to the library is the Paglaki ko/Career Options section. This is where kids can visualize the infinite possibilities of what career to get into when they grow up. The area highlights different career options in writing a children's book. They showed the different phases of a book and what jobs are needed to create one. It was a nice experience seeing the work put into one book. It makes them appreciate books more. 

Next and the last stop is I Love My Planet Earth. This showcases the difference of times before and after where families and houses did not have a lot of gadgets just yet. It exhibits climate change and what everyone can do to save the planet. 

That ends our trip to Museo Pambata and anyone who visits will surely go back again. You can never get enough of the exhibist and the learnings children can get from it. There is no time limit to stay and kids can play as long as they want. Go and spend a playdate in Museo Pambata. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Healthway Medical introduces FIT, a test to detect food intolerance

99% of Filipinos suffer from food intolerance

Reactions to certain foods are quite common.  However, some reactions go unnoticed until certain abnormal manifestations occur – internally (physiological) or externally (physical, i.e. on skin).Where food ALLERGY has almost an immediate reaction, food INTOLERANCE, on the other hand, does not immediately manifest. Sometimes, it takes as much several months or as short as days for symptoms to be obvious.
According to Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselor Ginny Sinense-Marksl, RND, food intolerance often occurs in people who eat normal or even very common food substance (rice, egg, dairy, wheat) that they are highly sensitive to. These foods cause inflammations in their body that could manifest as allergy-like reactions such as diarrhea, bloating, stomach cramps and at times, skin rashes that almost never seem to subside.Also, it could be one of the major reasons why it is difficult to manage any weight problem.

Food intolerance may involve some or all the same symptoms as food allergies. “While food allergies are acute reactions to a particular food substance and can cause life-threatening symptoms, food intolerance is chronic and less severe but, nevertheless aggravating to optimum health,” said Marksl.
A number of reactions surface when a person is found to be intolerant on a specific food item. However, some people could still eat small amounts of food they are “intolerant” to without any immediate physiological or physical reaction.
Though minimum to no immediate reaction occurs, chronic exposure to a food substance a person is intolerant to can be potentially hazardous to health due to constant presence of inflammation in the body as Marksl further explained.

Food Intolerance is a type III food item that occurs when the body produces Immunoglobulin (IgG) as a reaction to allergenic food. 
Immunoglobulin are a class of proteins that function as antibodies produced by the immune system in response to foreign bodies that enter the body. Various studies reveal that if food with high IgG levels are eliminated from the diet, symptoms can be reduced. 
“Not knowing where you’re intolerant to could lead to chronic diseases such as abdominal bloating and fluid retention, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, and asthma,” said Carmie De Leon, vice president for sales and marketing of Healthway Medical. “This makes a Food Intolerance Test all the more important.”

Healthway Medical, the most trusted and preferred mall-based clinics in the Philippines, recommends every children and adult alike to undergo a Food Intolerance Test (FIT) or Food Print Test to identify which food groups are safe to eat.

FIT is the most advanced and comprehensive laboratory service that detects the presence of igG-food specific antibodies to a wide range of food people consume every day. Healthway’s FIT is inclusive of a consultation with nutritionist to guide you through the FIT service and to explain the findings of the test.
“Not having your test now can be potentially dangerous since some people have high IgG levels but do not experience the symptoms,” De Leon said. “There are others who even feel better short after they eat food at which they are intolerant to, but continuing to take these food groups may re-grow the symptoms to much worse cases. Still, once symptoms occur, it is recommended to avoid all other members of that food group unless tested negatively.”

De Leon concluded, “Early detection of food intolerance will go a long way in ensuring one’s optimum health. If you want to achieve a quality life, make sure to add sleep, right food intake, exercise, and de-stressing as part of your daily routine. When you start living a healthy life, everything else will follow.”

If you think you have the symptoms of food intolerance, visit Healthway Medical Clinics at the Alabang Town Center, Edsa Shangri-la, Market! Market!, Festival Mall, Healthway Manila, SM The Block and Greenbelt 5. 

For more details, please contact (02) 751-4929 or visit

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Mayo Clinic
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
Health Scope Pathology

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wikalele: Patulang Pagbigkas at mga Awiting Filipino sa Saliw ngUkelele Event

Have you been to a poetry reading session? Or do you like going to gigs and listen to Original Pinoy music? Have you imagined poetry and ukelele together in one event? Well you are in for a treat this Saturday for Wikalele: Patulang Pagbigkas at mga Awiting Filipino sa Saliw ng Ukelele from 6pm onwards. Tickets at Php150 with one free drink. 

The event will be graced by the following bands and artists that are worth watching. 

Benny Bunny Band 
Ukelele Philippines Ensemble
Pao Gumba 
Justine Grace Mariano 
Leo Valdez
Karlen Fajardo

Be there and be one with Filipino talents and artists sharing their "feels" and "hugot" songs and poetry. Be amazed by local talents and help promote and spread OPM and Poetry. Invite your friends and families and let's give a chance to our Wika at Musika. 

Sev's Cafe is locted at Basement level, Legaspi Towers 300 Vito Cruz Avenue (formerly P. Ocampo) Malate Manila. 

How to get there: 
LRT1: Get off at Vito Cruz Station, walk along Vito Cruz (look for Starbucks at the corner) Sev's Cafe is right after the street from BPI. 

You may ride the Orange shuttle, ask them to drop you off at Legazpi towers. 

Sev's Cafe is at the left side coming from Taft avenue.

Hope to see you there!;) 

Monday, July 27, 2015

West Avenue Residences: An Investment to Consider

Ever heard of a serviced apartment? Well, last week it was my first time to hear about a serviced apartment from a colleague when we we're traveling to Pasig. 
A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment available for both short-term as well as long-term stays,providing all the hotel-like amenities.
It is like living in an apartment but all services are offered like receptionist, gyms and fitness area, and security. It really is a hotel-like type of residential but at a more affordable price. 

To give you a better description of a serviced apartment, take a look at this new realty development in Quezon City, The West Ave Residences.

Located at West Avenue, Quezon City, which will have 18 floors with 147 residential units and 11 commercial units.

It is near SM North and Trinoma and you can reach University of the Philippines in about 10-15 minutes. It is also near hospitals like Lung Center, East avenue, etc. 

Here are the luxury amenities West Ave Residences is offering: 

Isn't it just perfect? It is like living like a Queen or King with all the amenities they have. West Ave Residences is now on pre selling and will be Ready for Occupancy by the 4th quarter of 2016. If you are looking for a place to start building your family and home this is he perfect spot for you. 

But...before you say no to buying this for yourself, why not make this your investment? What am I saying? Well, hear me out here: 

If you are tired of working 24/7 or would want to start opening up a business but do not know what or where to start, consider real estate developments. Investing in a condo or house can yield fast Return of Investment. It also is a passive income where there is money coming in every month. Think about it, the location is perfect, a house is a necessity, and a lot of people and even tourists are considering serviced apartments instead of hotels. 

1. Hassle free investment that requires minimal attention
2. The market in Quezon City is seeing a huge demand for hotel/serviced apartments.

A serviced apartment is a safe and secure investment that can bring you income monthy. It is also a necessity for people so there is really no loss in this kind of investment. West Avenue Residences has units for as low as Php2m to Php6m which can be your own investment. 

For more information, drop me a message thru chat or my FB page. I will gladly refer you to a Driven Agent. 

Disclaimer: I am an Online Lead Generator for Driven Marketing Services. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pink Please: Pink Lipstick Brands Review

NyAfter doing my Finding the Perfect Red, I decided to do another swatch and reviews of my lipsticks. Now, up on the swatch plate are my pink lippies. 

For a girl who confesses on not being a lipstick kind of person, I actually have a lot of it. When I go out I usually have just one of my favorite in my kikay kit and use for about a month or so then decide to use another one. I stick to lippies that are closest to my natural color but slowly I am loving pink shades for different occassions. 

Let me introduce to you my Pink Lippies: 
I have six of them but it looks like I forgot the last one haha! But dont worry, it's just this one pic. I was able to swatch six lippies namely: Revlon's Colorbust in Carnation, Nyx's Matte in Audrey, Happy Skin's Moisturizing Lippie in First Kiss, Maybelline in Pink Please, Flower Fragrance Lipstick, and Winmax Lipstick. 

Here are the swatches on my arm in natural light:

Here are the swatches on my lips. Sorry for the awkward smile!;) 
From top left to right: 
Happy Skin
Flower Fragrance Lipstick
Winmax Lipstick

All the lippies were just gifts to me, just like the red lippies I have. Such generous friends and family I have right? Haha! 

Curious which made it to the top of my list? Before I give you my list here are my criteria: Color, Moisturizing Effect, and Longevity. 

In terms of Color, I like natural or close to my lips' color but because this is a Pink lipstick review, I'll be choosing the pinkest of them all. 

Moisturizing effect refers to its smooth glide on the lips. My lips tend to dry easily so it's important for me that my lippies are really moisturizing. 

Longevity or staying power. As a teacher and a No-retouch-type of girl, I like my lippies to stay on my lips for a longer time. Especially when I teach, my lippies are the least of my worries so I appreciate lippies that stay longer. 

On top of my list is Happy Skin's First Kiss: 
Still my favorite pink lipstick because the color is really pink, moisturizes my lips really well, and it stays for a long time. 

Revlon's Carnation made it to my second top because I love its pink shade, and it stays for a long time, and I use it for photo ops as the color really stands out in the photo. 

Maybelline Pink Please is on my top theee because I love its natural pink shade though it does not stay as much as I want it to. It freshens up my look and looks natural on my lips and skin tone. 

Nyx Audrey is pretty moisturizing but I only use it for night events as I think the color is too bright to wear during the day. 

Winmax is my fifth choice because he color does not show too well on my lips. I had to layer it about 3-4 times before it was evident on my lips. 

Flower Fragrance lipstick made it to the last of my lips because I don't prefer lipsticka wih gltters and the scent was just too much for me. The pink color however resembles the Maybelline Pink Please lippies. 

So there's my Pink Please review and hopeully it helped you in searching for your own pink lippies. What's your best pink lippie? Please share it with me so I can try too!;) 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

No More Worries to Weigh in with Reducin!

In our country where hunger and poverty is a major economic problem, it’s very surprising that there are an increasing number of people that are obese or overweight. Paradoxical as it may seem but this literally is a big challenge that needs to be addressed. From immunity boosters, brain enhancer to weight management, ATC Healthcare aims to be the top healthcare provider by assuring safety, quality and affordability in its every product. For instance, there’s Reducin (Anti-obesity).

Reducin (Anti-obesity) is a 120mg capsule of Orlistat, a gastric and pancreatic lipase inhibitor for obesity management. It acts by keeping your body from absorbing too much fat and helps in excreting them immediately. Along with a low-calorie diet and proper exercise, Reducin (Anti-obesity) can help you reduce as in, because you can’t let a condition like obesity weigh you down. Reducin (Anti-obesity) is available at P29.50 per capsule in all leading drugstores nationwide. Reducin (Anti-obesity) is recommended to be taken one capsule with warm water before every meal. If a meal is missed or contains no fat, the dose should not be taken. With Reducin (Anti-obesity), break free from high cost, fats, cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and other health risk. Know more tips on how to lose weight fast by liking Reducin on Facebook –

Friday, July 24, 2015

Bulacan Properties Round Up:Houses for Sale in Bulacan

Well hello there house hunters! Been a while since I posted about our house hunting journeys but I promise to give you more this coming weeks! But just before I give you my next location and properties, here's a round up of Bulacan real estate development I shared with all of you!

North Fairway Homes, San Jose Del Monte
Only Php5,787.20 a month

Venezia Homes, San Jose Del Monte    

Kelsey Hills

In buying your dream house, it is important to always prioritize budget, location, and need.  Every family wants to have a house they can call theirs and live the rest of their lives with. Bulacan is a considerable choice because it is near the Metro, the area is accessible to many places, there is NLEX, LRT 1, and McArthur Highway. The province also has a clean and fresh environment and it is still a provincial living.

If you have any questions, or inquiries on any of these properties, please do not hesitate to message me, like my FB page or text me at 0915 6986302, and I'll be glad to direct you to a Driven agent. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Finding the Perfect Red: Red Lipstick Brands' Review

I am not a lipstick person, or should I say I don't like looking like I am wearing one. I have always stayed on the nude or natural lipstick color that is closer to my lips.

Just recently, after cleaning up my make up stash I found a lot of red lipsticks. I have about 6 and all were given by friends and families. I got generous loved ones really!!;) 

 It was also timely as I have finished reading Liz Uy's Stylized book and she wrote something about finding the perfect lipstick as an accessory to an entire get up. That is what prompted me to find my perfect red. 

Here are the brands on review: 

ELF in Fearless
Bite in Cranberry
Color Collection in Bella
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Tinted Lip Sheen
Revlon Just Bitten lipbalm in Romantique
Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain+balm in Twilight

So three of it are lipstick while three o it are lipbalms and tint. Here is the swatch of each lippies in the same order above. 

I only did one swipe for the five products except for Victoria's secret as it needed more layer so it could be seen on my skin. The next swatch is to test its water resistant ability. I washed my arm with water and see which ones stayed longer. 
Revlon Lip Tint and Balm and Bite were the two products that stayed the longest even with water. I also used washcloth on it but it still stayed. Now I know which ones to bring to the beach or a pool party!;) 

Here are the swatch I did on my lips next: 

For a better comparison, here's a chart of my swatch: 

My verdict: 

As I don't really like loud lipsticks and wearing a red one is a challenge for me, I'll go for Victoria's Secret Beauty Crush Tinted Lip Sheen because it's moisturizing, glides smoothly on my lips, has a little shine, and is not as bright as the other brands.

2nd is Bite. It is a Canada brand and I like how its redness is not harsh nor too sweet. I don't like too dark red but its color is just enough to compliment my skin.

3rd is Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm. I like its minty taste and I love that I only need to put on one layer and it stick really well. The balm also makes it moisturizing on my lips. 

4th Revlon Lip tint and Balm. I like how I can wear it during night events and that it looks elegant on me. The balm is also an added plus as it keeps my lips soft eventhough the color stays for a long time.

5th Color Collection. The color of the lipstick on the tube is a little deceiving. When I saw it I though it was a soft red, but it turned out to be really red. I also sisnt like that I had to layer it a lot of times on my lips just so it would be obvious.

6th ELF. This was my first red lippie and I think it is just too bright for my liking. I always get a remark that my lips is to red when I wear it. 

So generally I think I can start wearing red lippies and learn to wear as my accessory. Slowly maybe I can get used to wearing obvious lippies. 

Please share with me your favorite red lipstick and maybe I can try them too!;) 


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