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Monday, July 15, 2013

FACE TALK: Every Girl's 5 Basic Make Up Brushes Must Have

Here's my take on the 5 Basic Make up Brushes every girl must have in their make up kits. A big factor of how the make up looks on your face is the brushes that you use. Using the correct brushes helps you create the look you want with more efficiency and accuracy. All make up brushes have their specific task and functions and it's very basic that girls who wear make up know these.

So what are the five basic brushes?

First, a blush brush. A blush brush is round and you use it to apply blush on your cheekbones.  Aside from its use as a blush powder you can also use it as your powder blush to retouch your make up when needed.

Second, two sets of angled brush for eye shadow. One for a lighter shade and the other for the darker shade. An angled brush is used for the eye to help you have better coverage when applying your eye shadows.

Thirdly, you need an eyebrow brush. The eyebrows actually frames the face so it is one of the most important part of your face that needs make up. An eyebrow brush is used when you are not using an eyebrow pencil. Just make sure to apply the color by a very light and soft strokes so it would look natural. After applying, swipe your finger on your eyebrow to remove excess make up on it.

Lastly, a lipstick brush. I like to use a brush in applying my lipstick because it helps absorb it better and it also covers more evenly than directly putting on the lipstick. It also prevents overlaps when you use it.

These are the five basic make up brushes that one must have if you want to practice your make up skills. You can add in more brushes as soon as you understand the use of these five basic brushes. It's a lot more practical to have a basic set that you can use frequently that have a whole set without knowing its use.

I'll try to post some other types of make up brushes that I have and read. BTW, these are all my everyday make up brushes and I got it from Paganini collection at Landmark in Trinoma. What's good about the brushes is that it is small and compact. Plus the hair on the brush is really soft. So if you're on a budget, try these brand of make up brushes then switch to a more high end brush once you're ready to advance your skills. Enjoy practicing!! TTFN!!

The Five Basic Make Up Brushes Every Girl Must Have


  1. Where do you recommend us to get the best / softest brushes? I see different brands in the market.

  2. Every girl should have this brushes for a more accurate make up.

  3. I never knew that a makeup set can have a lot of brushes. I only knew one brush, that's for the blush. Now I know there's still a lot I need to know about makeups. lol

  4. is there a brand would you recommend?

  5. Nyay, I only have a blush brush and a lipstick brush. I guess it's time to purchase the rest of these brushes! :D

  6. Rochkristin and knickknacksnix, I have props now as my make up brush set. It's a Philippine brand. And the brushes are made of squirrel hair so its really very soft to the face.:) It's also not as expensive.

  7. Franc Ramon, exactly my point!:)

  8. Sarah and Pink Magaline,yep, there are a looooottt of make up brushes. It's that complicated but once you know how to use them it's much more fun to put it on!:)



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