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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

OF BASKETBALLS AND POMPOMS: Engagement Etiquette 101

Engagement period, I think is one of the exciting part of getting married. For me, it's the purgatory of being single and married. Not that being single is like being in hell , or being married as being on heaven, that's not what I meant by engagement being a "purgatory".

Purgatory,  because it's like a waiting period, an anticipation to becoming married. It is where you know you're single but you are very much taken. It is the last few remaining days of your life where you'll be called Ms, or by your Maiden name, or just the thought of being single. Kung sa tagalog, "Hindi ka na Dalaga".

I appreciated this period, it's a transition where a person can actually prepare one's mind and heart that things are going to be different. I appreciated that I had a ring on my finger saying I am Engaged and about to be married. It's an overwhelming feeling because it is a symbol that somebody already owns my heart and that my heart is also taken.

During our engagement period, I learned about a lot of things and about people. And so, here's my take to Engagement Etiquette 101.

Disclaimer:  We didn't actually have that surprise engagement, but it was a decision we mutually agreed on. 
So the announcement came from both of us, and we we're already planning for the day even before the wedding.

1. Announce the engagement, first and foremost, to your most intimate family and relatives. Your family and relatives deserves to be the first to know. They are your family and if there are people who be happy for both of you the most, I believe it's them. Plus the fact that they really are the ones who'll help you through the preparations, wedding, and the life after.

2. Announce the engagement around 6 months or less. This is just my opinion, I think six months is just the right time to publicly announce an engagement. It's not too "atat" and it's not too late. I think having a long engagement is too dangerous, cause a lot could happen in a year. If you'd opt for a long engagement I would prefer you only announce it to yout intimate family, friends, and relatives than to publicly announce. It'll spare you the embarrassment if something bad happens (knocks on wood) and the engagement wouldn't lose it's excitement.

3. Agree on a date and place before the announcement. It's better to have  ready answers when people ask you about the details of the wedding. It adds to the excitement people get when you announced that you are getting married.

4. Show your rings, ladies! Regardless of how much your rings are, flaunt it. It is a simple and discreet way of saying you are getting married. It also adds to the feeling of excitement for the girls (on my part, that's how I felt) when you are preparing for the wedding. Also, if you are someone who's not really fond of or used to wearing a ring on your hand, it serves as a practice time for you to get used to so many other things that the rings accompanies.;)

5. Don't EVER rain on anyone's parade. If you have a friend who is engaged, or just announced an engagement, DON'T. EVER. EVEN. TRY. to announce at the same time. It's very inconsiderate and unethical. Let people have their fair share of light and happiness on an announcement that will change their lives forever. For most men, I think this is no big deal, but for us, women, I believe it is. If you're really close to that person it is only courteous to let that moment pass before you announce your engagement. Give your friend the opportunity to seize and enjoy the moment as the only person engaged at that time. You'll probably have your turn for that moment, but in the meantime let them have theirs.
But really, come to think of it, if you're truly a friend to that person, you don't need me saying these things to you, right?

These are five of the things, I learned from being engaged for a short period of time. 
:) Enjoy your engagements!!!!:)


  1. Awww.. di ko naranasan ang ma-engage. Haha. Kasal agad! :P

  2. In the modern times, I don't know if people would want to be engaged first before the wedding.

  3. I enjoy reading this a lot. I just recently got married and I still feel giddy when I hear engagement stories and wedding prep stories. Here is my open letter to brides-to-be like you in my blog: I hope this can give you useful tips.. Best of luck!

  4. Pink Magaline, hehe, okay lang yon. ang importante nagpakasal:)

  5. RochKristin, I agree. I think there are some people who would opt to get married immediately. Though, I think there's still a ton of girls who's hopeless romantic and would want an engagement.:)

  6. Little Miss Honey, what's your blogsite? I wanted to follow you but couldn't find it.:) I'd love to read your blogs:)

  7. Hi! My blogsite is :)

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