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Thursday, July 18, 2013


This is a follow up on my post about the 5 Basic Make up Brushes Every Girl Must Have, I decided to write about my recommended brands of brushes as some of my readers suggested (it feels good to say/write "my readers") Anyway, I have a set of make up brushes and I bought it from Props Tools and Cosmetics in the Fashion Bazaar at World Trade Center in 2011 or was it 2012. Sorry, I can't remember the exact year. It's a 15-pc make up brush set in a leather clutch. It's made of squirrel hair so it's very soft to the skin when used. It also has a leather clutch so the brushes stays intact and safe. It's also very compact so it makes it very easy to bring anywhere. It also only cost Php1,200 in the bazaar. It's actually a great deal for a beginner make up artist wanna-be like me. :)

I have only been familiar with make up brushes after reading Bobbi Brown's make up book. I had been a fan ever since because her style is more of the no make up or very natural make up look.  That's also my style in make up, I don't really like heavy make ups except if its needed and is really necessary. So reading her book, I learned that there are different hairs used in make up brushes, it is because its absorbs cosmetics better and applies it a lot smoother on the face. Some brushes are made of squirrel goats, and horses. Although, there are also types of make ups that needs to make use of synthetic brushes like gels, liquid foundation, and concealers. Knowing this basic things about brushes can really help you know when and where to use it.

This is the reason why there are so many brands of make up brushes in the market. Each one claiming that they are the best. So here's my recommended brushes for you to consider. 

1. Japonesque - These are my dream brushes. It's made from Japan and can be bought in Beauty Bar here in the Philippines. They are really very soft to the face and they they only have travel sets which comprises of about 5-7 brushes. They are a bit expensive. You may explore their site here: 

2. MAC brushes - is also a bit pricey, but they're really recommended by professional make up artist. Although they don't sell sets of brushes and only have it sold separately. It has very soft brush and it weighs a little heavier. I have not really tried to use it to apply make up, but I tried it in the stores just to see its feel on my hands. You may look into their website to see their professional make up brushes for eyes, lips, and face. MAC Professional Brush Finder

3. SUESH - I have known this brand through a friend of mine who likes it. I also get to try to use her brushes and it is really soft. I also have seen it in Fashion bazaar and they offer trendy and colorful styles of brushes. They have everything for different personalities. They also offer travel set, and professional sets depending on your needs. I'm not sure what type of hair they use in their brushes. Here's their site: Suesh Professional Brushes

4. ELF - They have different types of make up brush set from 5 to 25 pieces.  You can also buy each separately and it only costs about Php150 each. I'm an avid fan of ELF ever since I first got my 4 eye shadow palette. I love not only their brushes but the variety of their cosmetics as well. You may check out their brushes here: ELF Make up Brush sets

5. Paganini - a wide variety of brushes for a very cheap price. If you would want to practice your skills first before buying a high end brand this can do for everyday use.:) Their brushes are very smooth and soft plus they also sell different clutches for your brushes. I can't find pictures of Paganini on the internet but you might want to look back into my previous post of 5 Basic makeup brushes must haves, its all from Paganini.

That's my Top 5 Brands of Make up brushes, some are quite expensive but some are also cheap. Just remember to research and try out different brands first before deciding to buy. That way you don't only have nice brushes you also get your money's worth.

Share your other favorite make up brushes brand with me. I'd love to hear about it!:)

Disclaimer: Pictures are all taken from the internet.


  1. nice list. =)
    for my own personal wish list - Sigma brushes (drool!)

  2. I want to try the Elf brushes.... I also like the Marionnaud brushes... I am keen on trying also some of the organic brushes I saw in the pharmacy...

  3. Nice suggestions, Sigma and Marrionaud are also one of the best brands of make up brushes:)

  4. I guess make up is a precise art so you have to have the right brush.

  5. I like Elf and Essence Brushes :)

  6. i really like mac brushes! thanks for this info!

  7. Japanese branded makeup brushes I think have the best quality. however, most are very exepnsive.



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