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Thursday, June 27, 2013

BUSINESS BUZZ: Why you will rent a photo booth service on your next event?

Here are some reasons why you will rent/hire a photo booth service on your next event:

1.       It’s timely. Everyone nowadays is fond of pictures. People take pictures of just about anything, anytime. It’s a way for them to document not-so important and important parts of their lives. This means that your event will be more memorable if you have a photo booth services for your guest because it’s a remembrance of that very special event in your life.  
      2.      It’s practical. Why waste your money on some souvenirs like figurines, or ceramics if you can have a souvenir photo where your guests have a picture of themselves with you or anyone you’re celebrating for that day. Pictures can last longer than those figurines and ceramic souvenir. And admit it or not, some of your guests might not even like it so it’s a waste of precious money, right?
      3.   It’s a LOT of fun. Most people have fun taking pictures in a very small space and with time pressure. So it’s a fun way to get your guests distracted while your party isn’t starting yet. Also, if you’re the type of person who would want to do away with program and stuff, a photo booth can fill in that spot not only providing entertainment for your guests but also enjoyment.    
      4. It’s hassle free. If you’re expecting a lot of guests in your event and is worried on how you’ll be able to accommodate them, just point them to the photo booth, and voila! Your prayers have been answered. The photo booth can be your instant host, making sure your guests would not feel bored during your event. So you can organize other stuff for the party and let the organizers of the photo booth provide your guests with something to do while waiting.

      5. It will last a long time. In the digital world, it’s very important for almost everyone to keep a copy of the pictures for themselves.   A photo booth services do not only upload in in the internet but also provides for a copy in a DVD/CD. It’s a very safe way of keeping your pictures protected and you’ll be able to show it again and again to anyone who would want to see it.

      6. It's for everyone. LITERALLY. All ages can enjoy the perks of a photo booth services. From little kids to our cute grandmas and grandpas. Its very easy to understand and it brings a lot of laughter to anyone who uses it. 

    So, don't forget to rent or hire a  photo booth service on your next event and I'm sure you would not regret it. You might also want to consider We Click! Photo booth services, for all your photobooth needs. 

    Check out their facebook page: or text them at 0915 6986302. 


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