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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jollibee Kids Meal: Road Rollers

As I am exploring Enzo's homeschooling journey, I decided to start where his interest is and that is in Things that Go. He loves cars, trucks, and everything that has wheels. Coincidentally, Enzo's dad, the hubby bought a Jollibee Kids Meal last night and it was a Fire Truck. 
He instantly loves it because we always see or hear fire trucks here at home. Because it is a fire truck, it has a container to put water into and sprays water too. It is perfect for bath time playtime too!;) 

Then I decided to eat at Jollibee today so we can complete the collection. The other remaining road rollers are an ambulance and a school bus. 

Here is an unboxing of the school bus:

The school bus is a wind up toy that moves on its own. As a school bus it has students as passengers that has two slots in the bus. The children can play pretend, removing and inserting the cards. 

The ambulance on the other hand has a red light that circles as it moves. 

The Jollibee Kids Meal Road Rollers

The toys are perfect for our homeschooling lessons and I find it entertaining for Enzo. I can teach him a lot using the toys like colors, road safety, and occupations. These toys are worth buying, so I suggest you grab your kids a Jollibee Kids Meal Road Rollers now!;) 


  1. Hi. How much is the Jollibee Kids Meal Road Rollers?

  2. Hi. How much is the Jollibee Kids Meal Road Rollers?



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