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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Enzo's #OOTD: Little Baller

Little Enzo loves playing balls and basketball. He probably got it from his Dad who is also loves the sport. He had his first ball when he was only 6months and can already shoot by 1 year old. Which is also the reason why our relatives and friends always give him jerseys of his dad's favorite. 

That is today's #OOTD. We took this shot just as he woke up one morning, and it was so much fun as it was also his first time to pose for the camera. Here are the photos: 

                      Heat Jersey
                      Garfield PJs

Look at that sweet and charming face! These are the perks of being a parent, waking up with a cutie on the side. That's Enzo's #OOTD of the day!;) 

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