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Monday, June 8, 2015

Ogalala Playtime: Baby Einstein's Splash and Giggle Bath Book

Bath time is something Enzo looks forward to everyday. He loves the water that much that everytime we tell him it's "Ligo Time" he'd happily agree and excitedly walks to the bathroom. 

And because he enjoys his bath time, the hubby and I make sure that it also becomes a learning experience for him. Thankfully, after attending Ogalala's Child Development Workshop, we have another lesson to teach little Enzo.

Let me share with you Baby Einstein's Water, Water, Everywhere: A Splash and Giggle Bath Book. 

Information and Ideas for parents:
Turn a rainy day into a day of discovery. Take a walk with your child on a rainy day and find a puddle. Place a stick in the center of the puddle to see how much water it has collected.

Help your child experience the effects of rain through the sense of touch. Durin your rainy-day ealk, look and touch the nearby trees and branches. Shake some branches and show your child what happens to the rain that has collected on the leaves.

Enzo and I have not done the suggested activities yet but I am planning to do it soon or whenever I think he'll be ready to walk in the rain. In the meantime, here's how we used the book.

So what we did was to tell the story after he took a bath and let him stay in the water for a while. While reading the book I asked him about the animals in the photo and what sounds do they make. 

On the first page he knew the words bird, ball, and flower. We are now introducing him to a new animal, Octopus. 

The last page is his favorite as he can relate to the photo of the octopus taking a bath. He already knows how to wash his head and body while using the water. 

Raves about the book:
The material is safe. It does not smell anything like plastic. It is made of Polyutherane foam inside and PVC outside. I think it is the same material used in floaters for kids.

Colorful illustration. Colors used are bright and easy for parents to teach. The colors and drawings add excitement to the book.

The concept about water introduces the concept of nature which can open up a lot of topics for parents to teach their children.

Durable and stain resistant. It easily dries up after bath time and soft to bring even before bedtime.

Introduces rhyme ans rhtyhm at the same time develop hand and eye coordination. It also enhances emerent literacy and love for books.

A book to bring in the bath is such an amazing idea. It was something I haven't encountered before and have never been allowed to do when I was a child. Lucky Enzo!;)

So, we both enjoy the boy in or outside the water but it definitely made bath time wven more exciting for Enzo. Thank you Baby Einstein and Ogalala World!;)

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