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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies Review

Hi beautiful readers! If you are from Manila well it has been a fun day for us because its a holiday!;) Happy araw ng Maynila!;) 

So last week, I got back to reviewing makeups with Happy Skin's hydrating foundation. I posted this photo as a teaser for my next beauty review: 

The Happy Skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me moisturizing lippies in First Kiss shade. 

I am a coward in wearing lipsticks. I rarely go for loud colors like red, hot pink, or anything far from my natural lip color. I'd rather wear coral or nude just cause I look really pale without lipstick. Trying out Happy skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me was not an exemption. I actually got this months ago in a Celebrity Mom event for Ms. Maricel Pangilinan's birthday, but only used it recently. I was hesitant that the color would not suit me. I thought it was too pinky and loud for me, which is something that can distract my students in class. 

But, I just could not give it up because of all the good reviews I've been hearing about it. Plus I also have a close friend who loves these lippies. So, I finally gave in. And I am glad I did! I only have good things to say about it. Before that here are some basic info about Shut Up and Kiss Me: 

Happy Skin lippies offer three-fold "lip service" the shine of a gloss, the pigment of a lipstick, and the hydration of a balm. It has shea butter, collagen, Aloe oil and Jojoba oil among its many ingredients. These ingredients ensure the utmost care for your lips. 

How to use: Twist the body of thw lippie to release the product. Line the borders of the lips to define lip shape then fill in the lips with color tocreate a creamy, rich pout. 

I gave it a try and sharing my honest to goodness review: 

Packaging: Consistently cute and had a feel of vintage to it. The vibrant colors and designs make it an accessories in itself. Such a cute sight inside a kikat kit. 
Shade and color: I got the First Kiss shade and although it looked strikingly pink, it becomes lighter once worn on the lips.

Application: Very easy to apply and glides smoothly on the lips. It felt like a lip balm and liquidy when applied on the lips. That was how soft and smooth it is.

Staying power: I applied only once on my lips as I dont like having too much lipstick on. Although I only wore one layer its color already popped and it stay alot longer than expected. I did not have to retouch for more than 6hours and I still had color on my lips. 

Moisturizing Effect: I usually get dry lips after wearing lipstick and it was something I was cautious about with Happy Skin as well. Amazingly, it did not make my lips dry. It was really hydrating on the lips and did not feel heavy as well. 

Smell and Taste: Yes I have a tendency of smelling and tasting my lipsticks. What is great about it is that it did not smell and tasted chemical. Sometimes there are lipsticks that tastes like that and smells like fragrances. 

Overall Rating: 
Happy Skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me is a must-try for lipstick and makeup enthusiasts. Its moisturizing power helps lips stay hydrated and luscious with the variety of shades available. They have a wide range of shades that would definitely suit anyone and everyone. 

For more information on Happy Skin's complete list of product, visit them on Follow them on fb and Ig: @happyskin_ph. 

What's your favorite Happy Skin product?;) Share away!;)

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