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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Be a #SuperEpic Pinoy

Today is the 117th day of Philippine Indepence, so let me ask this question to you: What have you done for the Philippines lately?

Have you contributed to the country's progress? Have you done something to help others develop? Have you said positive things about our country and other Filipinos? I am hoping you answered Yes to all my questions, but if not there is still something you can do to serve your country and be #SuperEpic.

You might be wondering what #SuperEpic is, and how it can help you become a productive citizen. 

#SuperEpic is your guide on how to become a superhero. Yes you reas that right! It has the steps on becoming the hero you were meant to be and it will help you unleash your superpowers. It will definitely help you discover your hidden talents and how you can save the world one day at a time. Still can't beleive what I am saying? Well then read on.

Mighty Rasing the author of May Powers  Ka To be #SuperEpic shares how the youth can be a difference to the country and even to the world. It is an inspirational book that gives the youth great examples of how live life with deeper purpose. He talks to the youth in their own language making it easily understandable and highly relatable. It is like listening to a "Kuya" and getting motivated to be the best person God has created you. 

The book has seven (7) short chapters that guides, motivates, warns, and encourages the youth to start igniting the flame and sustaining it. In my perspective as a teacher learned alot on how to talk to my students who are all youth. The words he used in the book are practical which are some of the things I say now to my students. Most especially about not needing to be rich or have superpowers to make an impact in the world. This is sometimes difficult to make the youth understand as they don't recognize that their merely being a youth or they youth is a valuable resource in itself. But thanks to #SuperEpic I have learned new techniques and have discovered new spiels to tell my class! (Thanks, Mighty Rasing) 

I also enjoyed the inclusion of bible verses and stories in the entire book. It did not feel too preachy but just illustrations of his arguments. If you want to know more of what I am talking about or how you can be #SuperEpic then go to You can also buy the book at any OMF Literature Inc bookstore. 

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