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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Life Lessons I learned from my Papa

Today is a special day for fathers all over the world. Their sacrifices, effort, and existence are given significance today. So today aside from the overflowing facebook posts about celebrating fathers' day, let me share with you lessons of life I learned from my father. 

I am a Daddy's girl. When I was little I would wait for him to get home before I could go to sleep. I was his buntot, wherever he was I was there too. Even as I grew older, we would always have chat and share stories with one another. When I was living in Manila I always made sure I had pasalubong movie or documentary for him coming home to Bulacan. He was not only my father, he was also my bestfriend. 

Now, being a parent, I realized how alike we are and I guess that's his influence on me showing. I learned a lot from him that I take as my personal principles as well. These principles and lessons has proven to be of high importance in my life. 

1. Bilib sa Sarili. My father believed in all of us and he trusts in our own decisions and diskarte in life. He knows we can overcome troubles and challenges we face. In his eyes we are the smartest, prettiest, and nicest kids possible. I thank him for that confidence.

2. Cowboy. I am not the most sosyal person, most times I am socially awkward in formal or sosyal occassions. But what I take pride in is my being Cowboy. Something I got from my father. He taught us to enjoy all experiences and not to be too maselan. With that I know I can survive anywhere. 

3. Sense of Humor. My dad's the joker in his group of friends. He makes funnybremarks and pangaasar that I took after. My cheerfulness came from him and I enjoy being this way, always positive and having a light disposition. 

4. Importance of Friendship. I always thought that if my dad entered politics in our barangay he could actually win! That's because I get surprised that he has friends of all sorts of people in our neighborhood. He can even make friends with people he just met. That is why when I meet people I appreciate their friendship and do eveything I can to be a friend. 

5. Love for simplicity and family. My papa has the simplest dreams and wishes. When I was little he only always wanted a wallet for Christmas. He wanted just delicious food and times together with he family. He enjoys his time with plants and his farm. He was the happiest when we are all together as one family. 

Now as I start my own family I always keep in mind my father. His principles in life are worth hanging on to and passing to our children. It was hard for me to understand him when I was younger but I am grateful he never gave up on me. He always knew I was a good daughter although at times I hurt him. He made me feel that I am a good daughter and mother. Who I am as a parent and as a person I owe to him. Happy Fathers day Papa and we love you!;) 

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