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Thursday, June 25, 2015

What my Mom said: Tips to Consider in Buying a House

I received a funny and sweet text message from my mom last Monday. It had something to do with my previous post about North Fairway Homes in Bulacan. It was out of the blue but that one, short and simple message actually made a LOT of sense. 

This was her text, verbatim: 

In looking for a house and lot consider the proximity of a good school, accessibility to church, hospital, your place of work, travel time and means of transportation. Baka binabaha? How about electric and water? 

After reading her SMS, I could not help but smile because she wad being the mom that she is. She is smart, and caring. That's the reason why I idolize her very much, she knows what she's talking about and she answers all my questions especially about money, investment, and now, buying a house. 

I have always thought that the only things to consider in buying a house is the floor size, location, and budget. Thanks to my Mom for teaching me the other important things. 

Luckily, I found another real estate development in Bulacan. This is the only way to test my Mom's things to consider in buying a house. 

Kelsey Hills Subdivision is located at Brgy. Muzon San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. It is perfectely conceptualized and designed to combine urban luxury and private relaxation.

They have six (6) model houses to choose from: Lorea, Erica, Celina, Amara, Shana 957, and Bettina. 
Before I share how Kelsey Hill scored with my Mom's checklist. Let me share, one model house of Kelsey Hills which is Lorea Lofted. 

           Lorea lofted, has a minimu lot area of 45sqm, 60sqm. Floor size is 35sqm. Lofted and has 1 toilet 1 bath. 

Here's a sample computation for thw different houses: 

Amazing right? For only Php6,500 you can have your own house in a private and peaceful subdivision. With this, any family can live the dream, even ours and yours too. 

So going back to my Mom's checklist, let us see how they rate: 

 It's a 5 out of 5 and more!!! My mom is going to be delighted by this. Wish to see this place too, then comment below and schedule for a site tripping. It is better to see in person and experience it on your own. 

You can also PM me in my facebook page at for any inquiries. Chat me too for faster answers. There will be a Driven marketig agent that will entertain you better. 

Disclaimer: I am an online lead generator for Driven Marketing Services. 


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  2. I found a house and lot here and it says that the place comes with quite the amenities. Do you think this falls as a right kind of home ivestment?



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