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Monday, June 29, 2015

Starting a BUDGET Friendly Dr. Seuss' Book Collection

Today I'll be sharing with you our budget friendly Dr. Seuss' book collection. I only got interested in Dr. Seuss after using it in one of my topics in class on finding one's true self. Afterwards I got to watch Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who, both of which got me hooked to it more.

Now being a mom, I discovered that it is a good source of beginner literacy for children. I could not buy at first because I found it too expensive. Amount ranging from 300 to maybe about php1000. Great thing that Enzo was given by her godmother his first ever Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat. Since then our library grew and have 12 books at the moment. Don't get shocked as I did not buy it in its regular price. (I am kuripot like that!;)) 

I discovered bookstores that sell second hand and preloved Dr Seuss books for a really really low price. About 65 to 150 per book, excited to find out where I buy it? Before that here's out collection.

I got all these in a cheaper price than in popular bookstores. The lowest book I got is at Php65 while the most expensive is at Php135.

I got these books from Book Sale and Chapter and Pages. There are more books in Chapter and Pages and they are usually in kiosk in malls. I have been to their branches in Trinoma and Market Market. Market market has a lot of children's books with about 2-3 rows of Dr. Seuss collection. I found another branch that has an actual store in Wlatermart Pasay Road, though their collection is limited. Book sale is a lot more popular and I think they have more branches. I have been to alot of Book Sale branches in the malls but I love the one in Pedro Gil.

Just remember, that when buying second hand or preloved books, it is a MUST to check it meticiuluously as there are some that has defects. Notice the differences of the prices which is an indicator of the books defects. In example, the Are you my Mother? book costs only Php85.00. I was too excited to buy the books that I was not able to notice a tear on the page. 

The book If I ran the Rainforest, alao has a slight defect but does not really matter wih me. It has a sticker name from its previous owner. Costs only Php135.

So remember Mommies and friends, we don't always have to spend much to bring joy to our children. We can still stay on budget and get our money's worth. Just a word of caution on buying second hand or preloved books, that it is like a treasure hunt. It needs patience and a lot of searching, but getting the book you like will definitely be rewarding. 

Share with me your book finds! I'd love to know about it!;)

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