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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

KIDZOOONA: The Best Place to bring your Kids

  Hi friends, so last Sunday hubby and I decided to spend the entire day just for Enzo. Living in a small condominium can be boring for a toddler so we are always on the look out for places to bring him so he can exercise and explore. Hubby and I don't prefer bringing him to the malls because of the germs he could be exposed to and he might learn the concept of "pabili" so we oftentimes just bring him to a park, basketball court, playground, or just outside our house in Bulacan when we can spend the weekend there. I as a mom don't also bring him to playhouses in the malls this is because I feel it is not yet suitable for his age and the number of kids inside. BUT, one place got me really curious for months already and last Sunday, we actually experienced it! Yes, our entire family went to Kidzoona, Waltermart branch. Kidzoona is located at the 5th floor of Waltermart near the cinemas. It really easy to find as they are at the corner of the mall.

You will be asked to fill out a form before paying at the entrance. The Kidzoona rules are also placed near it. At the left side is the schedule of activities for the day and the reservations for the week.

There are lockers for the shoes so you are required to wear socks to play inside. There is also a lounge for the guardians or children who needs to rest plus they provide water too.

Now, here is the best part: The Play Area.

Why it is the BEST place to bring your Tots?

*The place is well planned out which made all the sections spacious. It was very easy to move around and children did not bumped to each other.

*It is squeaky clean and organize. The place feels new and well sanitized. The toys were also cleaned and seemed brand new. I also saw the staff organizing and cleaning the toys everytime, and we only stayed for one hour.

*The role play area is such a fun activity even for me.It even had cute uniforms and props making it photo worthy too! The little one enjoyed playing with the plates, pans, or the things he could not play at home. Hihi!

*They only allow an x amount of kids and adults inside so place was not too crowded. It gave all the kids the space and opportunity to play in the area.

*The toys were made of durable wood. I feel it is safer for kids and less prone to cause accidents. In the role play area the toys were plastic but it did not smell like plastic.

*The price is very affordable. Playing only costs Php200 for one hour for both child and guardian. Additional adult only costs Php100. Not bad, right?:)

* The ball area was such a fun experience. They even had a wall climbing set up on one side. The balls were also in good shape and the entire area had foams so it was very safe to run or jump around.

*The had different activities for the kids as well. During our visit, a coloring activity was done. It was something new for a play area concept like Kidzoona.

All in all, I have nothing but good things to say about Kidzoona. It was an experience worth doing again and again. I'd say it is also age appropriate to my son and I did not have to worry about his safety that much. Plus points also for considering the guardians and putting sofas inside.

Their other branches are at Robinsons Galleria and SM Masinag.
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