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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Raising a Reader: Book Reading Routine for Toddlers

Reading is one of the many things I want my little boy to love. Since he was a baby I would read to him his books and it also made us bonded together. I make it a point that once everday is that he geta to read one of his books. We also read before bed time and he looks forward to t everytime. 

Last week, it was amazing to see how my little boy chooses books over toys at an event we went to. He could not let go of the book and he realy seemed to enjoy it. It just shows how our book reading routines at home are rubbed unto him. 

This one just made it to a "Mom Proud Moment" again and I know all my investements in buying his books paid off. Hopefully, he'll continue to love and enjoy books until he grows old. 

              Enzo's Mini Library

We actually started with just about three books and now it has grown to these. He enjoys all his books and it is such a joy when I see him grab a book anytime within the day. Now that means more books for him soon!;) If you want to get tips on what books to buy for your toddler, you my want to read my previous post about it here:

Now, I'd be sharing with all of your book reading routines we do at home that you might find useful as well. 

1. Read a book to your child once a day. It depends on your schedule when you can best fit book reading to your child as long as you do it. Regardless if your child understands it pr not the earlier you expose them to books the earlier the will form a love and interest to it.

2. Always finish reading the book to your child. This might be difficult at first as they do not understand or they get distracted easily, but it is advisable for you to finish it however long it will take. This will teach your child to be still until the end of the story and will learn to anticipate for the story.

3. Be animated. To encourage your child to be interested in books and stories, you must be a storyteller as well. The graphics can help your child to visualize but the hearing part depends on you. Use different voices so they can imagine more of the story. This can wnhance imagination and visualization skills of your child too.

4. Let your child have his or her own book experience. In our house, we let Enzo hold and touch his books. This gives him a hands on experience of the books and teaches him the right way of holding it and even the flipping of the pages. These are in fact emergent literacy skills that a child should learn and develop. Thus a personal book experience if positive encouragea love for reading. Now we let him pick his own books during story time and he even gives each of us his parents our own books to read. 

5. Teach different concept and words while reading. It is amazing how my little boy learned some of his first words through reading. It was because I told him about the pictures on the book and repeated the words several times even if he could not say it just yet. I got surprised one reading day that he was starting to say the words on his own. Reading time is an opportunity for parents to introduce more words and concepts that they could understand better with the help of books.

6. Put the books where the child can have easy access to it. Being able to get and choose their books can encourage a child's interest in reading. The more the child sees it the more he or she will pay attention to it and spend time with the books. 

7. Be a role model. Our children take on after us. If they see us reading and enjoying a book, they would imitate us. This then plays a vital role in a child's interest on books and reading. So if your little one has a mini library, might as well have one of yours as well. I do this but mine's in a different place in the house, but I see to it that he sees me reading too.

8. Make time for book reading. Some days may be busy but always make time for reading a book to yor child, if you must read a book before bed time because it does not only help the child learn but it creates attachment between the parent and the child. This is what matters most in book reading routines, the bonding and closeness it forms that will create precious memories. The child can now associate book reading into a joyful and positive experience which will make the child love reading even more.

Whatever book reading routine you have what is important is that time and effort is spent to your children. Make readig enjoyable and interesting to your child and eventually he or she would develop a love for books and reading. The memories and moments create in book reading gives chidren a positive and joyful experience that will affect their interest and love for books in the future. 

What is you and your child's book reqding routine? Please share them wih me too!;)

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  1. My baby girl prefers books too over her toys! :) she's only 11 months but she enjoys looking at the pictures and flipping each pages. I just make sure to read to her everyday (even if there are times na she doesn't want to listen to me. LIke she wants to roam around the room by crawling hehe) Tuloy tuloy lang ako ng pagbabasa.



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