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Monday, June 17, 2013

FACE TALK: Cheap way to clean your Make up Brushes

Using make up is not only about having the most expensive brands or acquiring as many products as you can. It is also very essential to make sure that your tools are clean and hygienic. So its a must to have a cleaning routine for your products and tools. A tool that is very necessary for putting on make up is your brushes. Whether you have the complete set or just the basic ones it must always be kept clean. This is because it is your applicator on your skin and you would not want germs to be on your skin, right? That's one of the basic No No's in make up.

So how do you keep your make up brushes clean? There are already a lot of make up brushes cleaner available in the market. Some of them are quite expensive for people who are on a budget. (Like me who's about to give birth in 3 months.:)) But because I still wanted to make sure my brushes are clean here's my very budget friendly tip on cleaning your make up brushes.

What you will need?
1. Make up remover - I used NIVEA make up remover. 
2. Water
3. Tissue
4. Any container where you can put your brushes

5. Your dirty brushes. I have two sets of brushes as seen in the picture. One is from PROPS Cosmetics and Tools. You can go to their facebook account to check their products. I bought mine in one of the Fashion Bazaars in World Trade Center, its for only Php1,200 and its made from squirrel hair so its very soft. The smaller one is my everyday brushes. I use it more often and its usually in my kikay kit. The brushes are Paganini, while the make up sleeve is from Landmark. I would say its a great buy as Paganini's brush are also very soft, though Im not sure what hair its made of. The size also fits perfectly in my bag and it does not take to much space. 

Let's proceed to the steps.
Step 1: Put in some Makeup remover in a container of water. 

Step 2: Dip your brushes in the solution. Make sure not to press your brushes to hard so as not to deform its shape. 
Step 3: On a tissue paper, pat your brushes to remove excess water. You may want to repeat step #2 if you see too much dirt on the tissue paper after patting it. Again, be careful not to press to hard to prevent deforming your brushes.
Step 4: After doing step #3 on all your brushes, put them in a standing position in any container to let them dry. You don't want to dry your brushes flat on the tissue paper because it will DEFINITELY re-shape your brushes. So make sure that its upright when you dry them. 
It only takes four steps to clean your brushes but it needs a lot of patience to air dry them. So while waiting for it to dry you might want to clean your make up containers next. 

Make up Sleeves/Purses/Container Cleaning Steps:

What you'll need:
1. Make up remover
2. Cloth
3. Dirty make up containers

Step 1: Put a little amount of make up remover in a cloth. 

Step 2: Wipe your make up sleeves. I did not resort to washing the sleeve with water as it may destroy the leather. Also, make up remover can best remove the oil in the sleeve than water. 
Step 3: Dab a little water on your cloth and wipe it again on the make up sleeve so it wont have a sticky feel to it. 

Step 4: Clean your make up sleeves away and make sure to dry it properly.

So, that's my easy and cheap tips on cleaning your make up brushes. You may also choose to use products really intended for make up brushes cleaners that are available in the market. I might try to make a product review on different make up brushes cleaner soon!:) Enjoy cleaning your brushes!! Stay fab and until our next Face Talk!:)


  1. yay, very helpful. will try this one =)

  2. ....very helpful tip. Salamat Jho! ang mahal kasi ng brush cleaners sa mga make-up stores :)

  3. hehe. true, Lani. Kaya kelangan naten ng budget friendly cleaners!:)

  4. Oh I find this post especially helpful because I really don't know how to wash my makeup brushes though I have watched a how-to video before that teaches how to clean them with water and dry them up.

  5. Make sure that where you store your brushes and makeup kits are sanitary as well :)

  6. Rochkirstin, I hope you'll get to try it!:)

  7. Jacs, ooh.. that's really a great point!:) Thanks.

  8. This is so helpful! I don't know how to wash my makeup brushes properly.. Yikes! hehe... Will try this..

  9. Oh, I never did the same thing with my makeup brushes. Haha. I just normally wash using water and soap then leave to dry.

  10. This would make the brushes last longer and maintain its quality through time.

  11. Go, LittleMisshoney!:) found your blog and followed you already!:)

  12. Pink Magaline, well that's okay too as long as the soap is for face or body:)

  13. i'll try this! I only have 2 brushes :)

  14. Hi Riza, good luck on cleaning your brushes.:) I hope you add more brushes to your makeup kit!:)

  15. Awesome tips! Thank you so much for this Jho :) Definitely a cheaper alternative rather than buying a brush cleaner solution :p

  16. Erika, yup atleast we can save our money to buy more make ups than a brush cleaner solution!:)

  17. Great post! I'm so glad that I read your blog because it shared very informative content. All the tips given here are very useful. Now, I can clean my makeup brushes properly with the help of your tips. Thank you so much and keep sharing!

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