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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Milna PH: Easy, Healthy Toddler Snacks

Lately, I have been searching for yummy but healthy anacks for Enzo. If you have been teadig my blog, I have been meanplanning for almost a month now but I oftentimes overlook the snack parts in the morning and afternoon. Enzo then would end up eating biscuits and sweets which is a little concern for me. I don't want him yo get used to eating too much sweets so having an easy and healthy snack prepared is a must for us now. 

Milna PH is a product of Kalbe International. They have a wide variety of food for infants, toddlers, and children. It is highly recommended by doctors/medical practitioners because of the nutritious component it has. The nutrients it has help enhance child's growth and development. What is even better about it is that they come in yummy flavors, just right for some picky children. 

Milna has different products for different age groups, baby cereals for infants, baby biscuits made especially for teething babies, and pudding for toddlers.

We got to try to make the Milna Toddler Pudding which is easy to do even my nephew can do it. 

Here are the steps:
1. Pour and mix Milna Toddler Pudding in hot water until well dissolved. 

2. Pour into mold. I suggest using a smaller mold than this one because I found it hard to set up with this kind of mold. 
3. Let it cool and serve!

It is that simple, and it is sure hit with the kids. This one is in strawberry flavor but it also comes in chocolate flavor. I tasted it and it really tasted like milk. The sweetness was not overwhelming and the strawberry taste is just right. 

Milna Toddler Pudding is available on all leadig supermarket. Srp is at Php65.00. Easy to make, healthy to eat, and nutritious for our kids. Try one now for kid's snack time!;) 

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