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Monday, September 14, 2015

Give your Locks a Second Life at Donate your Hair Today!;)

Okay, so for most people who know me, I have grown my hair up to my waist already. It was a two year journey that started when Enzo was born in 2013. I procrastinated having it cut but found a reason to grow it even longer after seeing one of my FB friend donate her hair at At first I planned on giving it to Kythe but their office was too far from me. Since Donate your hair has an easier means of sending or giving the hair to them I decided to go to them.

Donate your Hair is a project that manufactures medical wig for kids and women with Cancer. To continue doing so, they are in need of all the support they can get , one of which is donating a minimum of 12 inches of hair. They accept any hair even if it was colored or processed. However, when you donate please make sure to follow their guidelines so your hair will be successfully turned into a medical wig. Here is the guidelines:

You may send your hair via shipping to Papemelroti c/o Donate your Hair Today Korben Place 91 Roces Avenue Quezon City tel:412-6487

You may also drop it at any Papemelroti shops which I did, to donate your hair. Just tell them you are donating your hair and they'll ask you to list down your info. It is that simple. You just gave your old hair another purpose. List of Papemelroti branches here: 
I dropped of mine at Robinson's Place Ermita. Their branch is in the Faura wing ground floor near Uniqlo and Daiso. 

But just in case you don't have the patience to grow your hair to 12 inches, donate your hair today also accepts any monetary assistance which can help them support and continue their operations. 

Here's how your Php50 can help:

It really is not so easy for me to have a short hair because it is frizzy and buhaghag. But whenever I feel I have a bad hair day or I cannot tie it in a pony tail, I remember how I made something good with it. Anyway, it'll grow back eventually and maybe I can donate it again!;) 

So start a challenge now, grow your hair to twelve inches and donate it today!;) Go to for more details!;) 

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