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Sunday, September 6, 2015

3 Valuable Lessons you can Teach your Kids from Disnye Live: Mickey’s Musical Festival

Last Saturday, I was fortunate to have watched Disney Live! Mickey’s Musical Festival at the new Kia Theatre at Araneta Center. Of course, all thanks to my Mommy Bloggers Philippines community for this wonderful opportunity. I literally grasped and could not believe my eyes when I read the email that I have two complimentary tickets to the show. It was just in time for my niece’s birthday, so I had an automatic surprise for her. She loves Disney movies, and cartoons, especially the Princesses.

The show happened in the new Kia Theatre formerly known as the New Frontier Theatre and a classic landmark in the 60’s, it was the country’s premier performing arts venue. It was my first time to visit the theatre, and I was impressed as the Ticket Windows were easy to find, and the staff we’re also very accommodating. I also liked the spacious lobby and the lighting in the venue.

We arrived at the venue early so we had some time to take photos. The little girl was very excited and anxious at the same time as we talked about who we were excited to see in the show. She was very excited to see the princesses and Minnie Mouse too. After thirty minutes, the show started at exactly 2pm and ended around 330. It was an amazing show but I hoped it was longer. Also, I hope to see more Disney characters and especially Princesses. But all in all the show was fun and entertaining for the children and parents too. Kids will definitely have a great time seeing their favorite characters and singing with them their famous songs. I specifically enjoyed Aladdin as I remember my childhood moments through the show. I loved that story and I enjoyed seeing the Genie again. Bettina, enjoyed Little Mermaid especially the “Kiss the Girl” part as it was her favorite song. She loved seeing them perform live and it was priceless hearing her laugh, clap, and sing with the performers. She also danced and responded as Mickey and the rest of the gang asked questions, and invited the audience to participate and dance too.

After the show, I was able to teach some important values to Bettina, that I think is an important part of the experience. I feel it is important that our children processes or reflects about their experiences so the moment because more lasting.

Here are three (3) valuable lessons from Disney Live: Mickey’s Musical Festival
1.       Music brings everyone together.  As Mickey Mouse said, “Whoever you are, and whatever you do, Music brings everyone together”. It was clearly shown in the film that anyone and everyone can sing, dance or just appreciate music. Music speaks to everyone and it is understandable by everyone too. Mickey Mouse and the rest of the gang, performed really well and they welcome everyone with their music. Even crabs, lobster, fishes, sing with them which make it even more wonderful to watch.

2.       Happy Endings. The sweet happy endings by each segment are amazing. It gives hope to little children and even adults like me. There may be failures or challenges but looking forward to happy endings is what motivates us to stand up and try again. This is a value every parent wants for their children right? It’s great that Disney characters promote such. 

3.       Friendship. Lastly, friendship, the characters showed a life full of happiness with friends around. Children should learn the value of friendship. This is what was shown by Mickey Mouse and the gang and the other performers too. 

Disney Live! Mickey’s Musical Festival is worth seeing and looking forward to Disney on Ice this December too. Thank you @mommybloggersph, Kia Theatre, Araneta Center, and TicketNet for the wonderful gift I am able to give to my niece. She had the most wonderful birthday seeing her favorite characters!:)

P.S. Really sorry for the very blurry photos, I was too excited watching the show hihi!:)

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