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Friday, September 18, 2015

Stock up on your Stocks Smarts! Technical Analysis Workshop SeriesComing this October

Do you ever get tired of working everyday from 8 to 5? Or ever had the feeling your working your A**s off but you're still on a limbo when it comes to your finances? Have you ever felt that money just slides off your wallet or ATM in a second and you never even know where it went?

Financial freedom and intelligence is a highly necessary skill for everyone. Not only for families or adults, but moreso the younger generation. There are a lot of people who have been through their young professional years spending their income to just about anything and everything then ending up not having any savings. The earlier a person gets the smarts the ore opportunities for financial freedom opens up. 

Manila Workshop opens up another of their most demanded workshop series: STOCK SMARTS MANILA: Technical Analysis Workshop Series coming this October. If you want to learn about reading chart patterns, market trends, and other techniques in the stock market, these workshops might be for you!

Sign up NOW and avail of the Early Bird Promo this week: Manila Workshops Registration Link

Workshop Fee is at P9,000 instead of P12,000
(Inclusive of 4 modules, handouts, certificates, and food)

So start stocking up on your Stock Smarts and get a step closer to your financial freedom!

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