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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Top Shop's Lip Bullet Review

Wearing a lipstick can either make or break a look. The more one experiments on the shades and finish of a lipstick, the more confident one becomes in choosing the right color for a specifi skin color or make up peg.

I am a safe lipstick wearer. So I don't normally wear loud or deeply shaded lipstick. But recently I found a love for bold colors through TopShop's Lip Bullet. 

Fo some who are not aware yet, Top shop also has their line of cosmetics. The Lip Bullet comes in two shades: Motel and Wine Gum

Here's a first look on the lippies: 

Swatches of Lip Bullet

Swatches of Lip Bullet on the lips: 

My Initial Thoughts on Top Shop's Lip Bullet:
Shades: Surprised at how much it blends in my skin and lips because if you look at the shade on the tube and on my arm it seems really dark. Once put on the lips it tends to mix well giving of a bright nude and a dark red shade.
Applicability: The Lip Bullet is a money saver, you only need a little swipe to give your lips the bold shade. Tip: Use lipstick brush to apply as it tends to build up if you apply directly on your lips: 
Moisturizing effect: My lips did not get dry after using the lippies so it's kinda moisturizing.
Lasting Effect: Did not need to reapply after 3hours of teaching so that's a plus for me. 

For now, Top Shop's Lip Bullet is my go to lippies for days I'd like to pump up my look a little more and during night events. The shades totally brings out two sides of me the Motel is the nice and fresh girl while the Wine Gum translates a  more fierce and go getter personality. 

Get your own at any Top Shop boutiques or online. It also comes in Matte shades.

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