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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fast Lane City PlayMat Review

Enzo has been into cars since he turned one. He already knows a handul of different kinds of vehicles like fire truck, ambulance, cars, taxi, etc. His quiet times almost always involves playing with his cars, lining them up on our bed or on his table. He even brings some of them to bath and pretends he is on a Car Wash.

Since then, I have been looking for a Play Mat or Road Maps so he can have an area to play his cars with. It's also a nice intro to teaching him road safety and reading directions. The search has been for a few months and finally we have found the perfect playmat for him and his cars.

Introducing Toys 'R Us' Fast Lane City Play Mat.

Fast Lane Playmat is perfect for toddler's and children's car play scenarios. It encourages children to be more imaginaive and creative while playing with their cars. 

It is made up of carpet foam and is very light wieght. The carpet is suitable for rolling different cars and glides smoothly on it. 

This particular playmat is a city life scenario. It has different establishments that children are familiar with like Fire Station, School, Construction Site, and many more. Measures 23inches (w) by 43inches (l) it is perfect for our small condo and his play area.

Enzo enjoys playing with it and although he is still not that familiar with the roads, it is a teaching moments for us and it's great to see him starting to recognize the roads. 

Initial thoughts on Fast Lane Play Mat: 
1. Love the scenario. It encourages a lot of discussion and imagination for Enzo. 
2. Size is perfect for our home. Not so bi as we have a very small condo. He now prefers to play on the floor than on the bed. Yey!!!;) 
3. Easy to clean. Just brush thru it and the dust is removed. 
4. Storage. Easy to keep and roll to store. 

My onlu reservation is that the foam is a little slippery and gets out of place easily. I just hope it was made of a more heavier material like in other carpets. 

But all in all, I'd say this is a great find and comes in very affordable. Got this from Toys "R" Us Robinson's Place neatly rolles in the Fast Lane aisle. Keep an eye on it cause it can't easily be seen in their displays. Price is only Php300.00.

Hopefully, that helped you and just in case you are also looking for a road map/ playmat consider Fast Lane too!;)

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