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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hape Meine Kleine Welt Toy Review

I finally got my hands on a wooden toy car that I have always wanted for Enzo. Been searching through Instagram online and some Ikea stuff but did not want to pay for shipping. Luckily, I chance upon a new brand off wooden toys in Toys 'r Us in Robinson's Place named Hape. I was pretty excited window shopping their products and I included a lot of it on my wishlist for Enzo. They have wooden toys for babies to toddlers like stacking toys, shape sorters, rattles, etc. What I also found cool and exciting about their line are the Home Making Toys and Pretend Play Toys. They have coffee makers, ovens, utensils for the girls and Farm and Train sets for the boys. Though I think their toys are neutral cause I find Enzo being curious about kitchen toys too! The prices were a little on the high amount but it is well understood because of the materials used and its being non toxic. We don't want our children exposed to toxins right?

So I got my list and went off to HMR Adriatico Branch. I love spending some time there rummaging through sale items. They are on a holiday sale by the way.  So anyway, the hubby got his hands on a Hape toy while searching for some toys and was I the happiest Mom in the place. It was still in good condition and costs only Php349. Of course, I definitely had to get it cause it originally costs Php1,500 online and in shops.

Here's what's inside a Meine Kleine Welt toy from Hape. It is made from Switzerland so the language is in Swiss but they also sell in other countries like Canada and the US. In the Philippines, they are distributed in Toys R Us and Robinson's Department Stores. 

It is a five piece toy and a small board book that can be used while playing. It is made of quality wood and painted with non-toxic paint. 

The Tractor fits the farmboy inside and its wheels are really made of rubber. The wood is light weight too but is very stable and durable. 

The wagon has the sheep on it and can be attached to the back of the Tractor. 
Sorry for the little hand and foot photobombing the photo. ;) 

The farmboy is also made of wood but its  hat and feet are of plastic. 

Was not able to take a photo of the sheep because it is the little boy's favorite. 

The board book tells about a day in the life of a farmboy. Not sure though if it has writings in it because the one we bought were just pictures. Saw the online version and the language was still in Swiss so was kinda happy it was a picture book instead.

Actual photos when played by a cute little toddler: 

Benefits of playing with Kleine Meine Welt Tractor: 
1. It enhances pretend play. Enzo has learned to play by himself while making a story out of his toys. 
2. Improves his Fine Motor Skills. The small pieces of the farmboy and the sheep fits perfectly in the slots and Enzo has learned to put it on the right space. Attaching the wagon to the tractor makes him concentrate very well too. 
3. It is a great way to start teaching farm life. The lessons has a lot of possible sub topics like farm animals, vegetables, fruits, and so much more. Great material for homeschoolers. 
4. It's wood and it durable. Less breakage less waste:) 

For more information you may visit them on 

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and items were bought by the author.

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