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Monday, October 26, 2015

How to have a Good Night Sleep

Sleeping is an important part of our lives. It is when the body recharges and regenerates to help us for another day. It but necessary to ensure that we get enough sleep to get us through the demands of life and to avoid any illness tha lack of sleep may cause. Here are a few tips on how to have a good night sleep every night.

1. Take a warm long bath or shower. 

Taking a warm bath releases tensions and stress acquired within the day. It not only washes away the dirt that is accumulated in our body but also the hassle or problems of the day. A warm bath helps cleansing both the body and mind. A clear mind and a clean body is a great start to have a good night sleep. 

2. Turn off the tube and the wifi. 
It is easy to get tempted to use the tube and the internet as our lullabies. Some or a lot of people would surf the net until their eyes give up. This can do more damage than good as it keeps the mind active even after an hour of watching or using. So do your minds a favor and let it off the TV or net before going to sleep. 

3. Shut down negative thoughts or plans for tomorrow. 
The best way to alert your minds is to think about the things you'd do tomorrow. It gets you pumped up which contradicts your need to sleep. The body mighrt be weak but if the mind wants to think then you can never sleep. It is also best to think of happy thought before sleeping so you would attract calmness and serenity. 

4. Clean, fresh Sheets and Linens
The bed is where we sleep and take a rest. Our body deserves a soft, clean and fresh bed and bedsheets can stimulate a good night sleep. What better way to sleep but to feel cuddle by your bedsheets and pillows right? So make sure to change your sheets regularly to keep it clean, fluffy, and fresh. 

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Any other sleeping tips you'd like to share with me? Comment them and I'd gladly read and apply them. ;)

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