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Friday, November 14, 2014

Balay Indang (The Red Ginger Farm) A Serene Place in Cavite

Have you ever been to a place where you enjoyed the entire stay and felt like it was a home away from home? Or to a place where you miss it already even if you are still there? A place where you promised to bring your family and friends to? 

I have found that place in Balay Indang. There's no exaggeration needed because I had an amazingly wonderful stay for our office retreat last weekend.

Main House. 

Directional signs signaling there's a lot to discover in this place.

We came in early so we were asked to stay in Elizabeth's Hall first and was served our morning snacks. We had corn dog, Sotanghon and Iced tea! The corn dog was awesome, I ate three of it haha!:)

Hallway of the comfort rooms. It has a lot of mirrors on display. The mirrors are made from recycled or refurbished door cabinets. Cool idea, right?

Girl's CR. It has two toilet and 1bath.

A little drama. Feeling like a Princess in this furniture. Fell asleep while waiting for us to check in hihi.

Our session at King Solomon Portico. The girls were housed in Bahay ni Jacob with three rooms namely Reuben, Joseph and (sorry could not remember the last one)

Anyway, the rooms are very vintage and traditional. It has the capiz type of windows and curtained beds making you feel like a Princess. Each room also has its own toilet and bath. The design for the bath and toilet also compliments the entire design of the place. It was designed with rocks, and artistic pieces inside.

The view from our window. Lots of greens, and places to rest.

Our toilet and bath. So nice right? It's very spacious and clean. Though it had a lot of windows which made it a little uncomfortable for me. But the windows can be closed so it was still appropriate to bathe on.

Afternoon snack. Lugaw with mushroom and Halohalong Turon. The lugaw was delicious!!! I had two servings even though I already ate lunch. It was exciting to taste lugaw with mushroom, because it was a little unusual but it gave great taste to the dish.

Main Dining Room. Notice the door handle. Little things matter and this gives added taste to the entire place.

 The dining room forms part of the main house. It can accommodate about 50 guests I think. It had about 11 long tables inside. During our stay there were other companies having their events too and we did not feel congested inside. They also have other dining rooms outside and the other rooms so a big number of guests is not a problem in Balay Indang.

I'll do another post about their food because it deserves a separate post. You would know why when you read it, so stay tuned!:)

Anyway, sharing with your bits of arts and ingenious designs in the area.

Fish pond near the Main Dining Room

Fountain in the Main dining room, pathwalk to the Secret Garden leading to the Bahay Ni Jacob and Hebron Valley, a bridge leading to the Elizabeth Hall.

Buddha pieces were abundant in the place.

It was my first time to see a Pomelo Tree.

Used bottles made into ashtrays, and bamboo designed faucet.


Entertainment area. They have videoke and a lot of chairs
and tables for the guests to dine and have fun.

More seats and play area for the whole family.

You can also use their swimming pool.

You know what else they have and what will make especially us, Mommies feel giddy and excited?

Little Isaac is a play room for little kids. It has storybooks, educational, and development toys.

Nice right? All ages will find something special for them here.

Just outside is a playground and a barefoot path, were kids and kids at heart can play.

Balay Indang is a place for all members of the family. Adults can have their much needed rest and relaxation while kids and babies can find a special spot to enjoy their stay as well. Balay Indang has planned this place rather well keeping in mind all members of the family. You would definitely feel the love and care given to this place in your stay. It is remained clean, green and in touch with the earth. If you are in search for calmness and peace, Balay Indang can be your getaway.

For more information, like them on their facebook page here:

Please watch out for my food review of our overnight stay in Balay Indang!:)

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  1. Waa ang ganda dito. Just last week bf and i talked about having a retreat/ recollection. I'll check out this place :)



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