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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Cream Factory Bath Cream: Pampering Time Just Got REAL!

Okay, so yesterday I gave you some useful information about The Cream Factory and it's active ingredients and why it's good for our skin. You may read here for my previous post:

Now, I'll share with you my one week experience with The Cream Factory's Goat's Milk and Cinnamon Bath Cream.

The Cream Factory's Promise

Promises you smoother, softer, more moisturized skin plus an added skin benefit. It gives real results through real ingredients that provide real benefits. Every bottle and tub has been specially concocted to treat the skin to something truly special. 


The packaging of the bath cream is intriguing and tempting at the same time. The first time I saw it I was curious to know what the product is. I also enjoy looking at the designs on the bottle and the statement it has. I would say their team really put a lot of thought into the packaging and as a consumer I feel more valued with such creativity.


I got the Goat's milk and Cinnamon variant of the bath cream and it was something new to me. I have never encountered any bath product that had cinnamon in it. Was I excited? Well, its 50/50. I personally don't like cinnamon and it's smell. I can however stand the smell if its in something I'm eating like pastries or bread. So I was a little hesitant to use it at first but because I am a sucker for bath creams I tried the product.

Was I excited? Well, I'd say YES! It was surprising that I did like the scent of the cinnamon with the milk. I often get allergic reaction to strong scents but this one did not cause any problems to me. It does not have a strong scent but I'd say it smelled sweet like a pastry shop where you'd be tempted to eat what's in it. You know I had to control myself not to taste the bath cream hihi!:)


You know I love bubbles and a lot of lather when I bath. I feel like the products cleanses me more and just for the pamper feel it gives me. The Cream Factory's lather is heavenly. I tried using just a small amount of bath cream and used a loofah and it lather pretty well. It would make you want to rinse it and lather on again, and again and again. hihi! It's just some of those luxurious things we can do during the bath time right?
Btw, you don't have to worry about rinsing it because it rinses easily but the scent stays on.

Moisturizing Effect

Goat's milk contains a lot of fatty acids that soften, smoothen and condition the skin. It is especially rich in caprylic acid, which can be absorbed by the skin much faster than other compounds with similar conditioning effects. The Cream Factory promises real ingredients so you can be assured that it truly uses REAL Goat's milk.

After the first use, I would feel my skin to see if it really worked and I'd say it did more than just moisturize my skin. It feels hydrated and it also answered  my problem areas which is my elbows, ankles, and feet. These areas tend to dry easily because I am not able to give it a lot of attention when taking a bath. So after using the bath cream it felt moisturized and I bet with continued use it will produce more results.

There's MORE...

What I admire about the product as well is it is ECO-Friendly. For a mom, teacher and advocate, it is a plus point for me that products don't only take care of my skin but also of my environment. Knowing that they have real and natural ingredients means it would not be harmful for the environment. FYI, a big portion of water pollution is caused by bath or household products so using the Cream Factory's products means also doing our part to help preserve the environment.

My Final Verdict

It exceeded my expectations and truly satisfied my long time craving for it. I love its sweet scent, packaging and it's promise. There is also a lot of other scents available which can fit any personality. By using real ingredients its safe for the whole family even my little boy. I would definitely purchase and try other scents and even their other products which is the Scrub-in-a-Tub.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and Give in, I JUST DID!:)

Other variants of Bath Cream from their official site:

Bath Cream Price Range: 26fl. oz at Php699
Bundle box of three: 7.5fl. oz at Php799

The Cream Factory Scrub-in-a-Tub variants

For more information, visit their official site here:
Like them on their FB Page:THECREAMFACTORYPH
Follow them on their IG: @thecreamfactoryph

Thank you, The Cream Factory PH for your awesome products and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for this opportunity!!:)

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