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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Message from the Universe:Grow Where You are Planted

Hello everyone! Happy weekend!:) I want to start today with a message from the universe. Last week has been really busy but super productive. While we were at the mall looking for furnitures, I saw a bag with this quote in it:

Grow where you are planted.

I loved the quote immediately. I am a person of optimism and pessimism. Yes, you read that right. I am a positive person and I am convinced that everything has a reason. Though I think that way there are still times I would feel frustrated and disappointed about things I could not do. I am actually a coward for new things but I just try to face and conquer my fears. At times I would feel insignificant or not needed. That I am no good.

Then again, I am reminded to:

Grow where I am planted.

I am meant to be where I am it only depends on my perspective. I am the only person that can make or break myself. Every place I go, every person I meet, every emotion I would feel is a learning experience.

To grow where I am planted.

To be significant and make a difference. To accept that I am a work in progress.
To believe that I am created with goodness and potential.
To turn whys to why nots and why me's to why not me.

To grow where I am planted.
I am hopeful that somewhere along the way, I have made someone smile and laugh.

I am growing where I am planted and I am God's wonderful creation there is nothing I cannot do. :)

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