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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Attipas: Making Memorable Steps!

An exciting yet terrifying milestone of babies are the time they learn how to walk. When my baby boy was almost a year old, I was so excited for him to start walking. I was complaining about how heavy he was when I carry him, and I thought to myself that I can't wait for him to walk so it would be a lot easier for me. AAAKKK!! 

When he finally walked, it was mixed emotions. I did not know whether to be happy or sad that he was walking already because we could.not.stop.him.anymore. My Goodness! He was a walking machine. He walked everywhere around the house and did not want to carried anymore. That was when I felt terrified and nervous because he would often fall down because he was not that stable yet. Now that he's on his 14th month, he can walk properly and even runs at times. hihi It so cute to see him walking and exploring his environment. 

Such milestones need special care from us Moms. As a mom, I like for him to learn how to walk properly and at the same time learn the art of wearing shoes or slippers. Luckily, thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines, Attipas Philippines sent some love to my baby and I so we can test drive their shoes! We are more than happy and I just wished I knew about it sooner.

Let me tell something about Attipas Toddler Functional Shoes:

Attipas Toddler Functional Shoes is now here in the Philippines. Their shoes aim at helping babies to walk correctly by evenly distributing feet pressure while walking. Attipas means "My Precious Friend's Steps" as a compound word. It is Korean made thus "Atti" means My Precious Friend and "Pas" in French means "Step".  
Thank you, Attipas Philippines for my baby's new shoes!:) 
So why do my baby and I love Attipas, let me count the ways:

1. Lightweight. As new "walkers", our toddlers need lightweight shoes so they can move freely and feel as if they're not wearing any shoes at all. Heavy shoes can cause problems while they are walking or they would feel lazy to carry it.
2. Spacious Their feet should be able to move freely inside their shoes so the fit should be perfect for them. As babies or toddlers feet are still soft so there should be enough space for their toes to move.
3. Flexible. I bought some shoes for my baby before that was a little hard to put on him. We sometimes had a hard time putting it on that he gets uneasy when he's wearing them. I suggest that flexible of the shoes should be a big factor because it would be easier for them to walk and wont cause any inconvenience, making them enjoy walking more.
4. Design As moms we love to dress up our children because they look sooo cute in anything, right? hihi! So one of the factors I also consider is its design and if it can fit into my baby's existing clothes already. Of course, I'd like my baby to stay in style!

There's even greater news than all these. Attipas shoes were scientifically made to fit our toddlers' feet making it a lot easier and enjoyable for them to learn the art of walking. Here is Attipas Scientific 5 Point in creating their shoes:

Photo from Attipas Philippines Facebook Page.

There are holes in the soles of the shoes so my baby's feet does not sweat while wearing Attipas. I love the fact that the shoes is made of socks entirely with lightweight materials for the sole. After using the shoes, my baby's feet does not sweat which means to smell too! :)

Though the sole is white and you may say it will get dirt easily, right? Attipas made their shoes easy to clean, machine washable and fast drying. I actually cleaned the shoes at baby's first use and I was surprised by how I got the dirt right off easily and it looked like brand new. 

Guess who else loves to walk on his Attipas!!

Walking at ease with his new walking friend, Attipas!

Look at him showing off his shoes to the camera!!!:)

Thank you again, Attipas Philippines and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for this opportunity!:)
Thank you for helping me make memorable steps with my baby!:) You rock!:)

For more information about Attipas, you may visit their official site here:
Like their Facebook Page here:

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