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Monday, November 10, 2014

My First Mommy Mundo Bazaar Experience!

I was in a retreat this weekend but still found my way to Glorietta Activity Center for the Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2014 yesterday. I first learned about Mommy Mundo from a friend who gave me a planner for my last birthday. Hihi! So anyway, here's what I saw in today's bazaar and some of the products I bought.

The Mommy Mundo Bazaar has been going on for 7 years already. Their registration is free but everyone is encouraged to donate cash, or pre-loved stuff like clothes, towels, blankets and linens as a support to Electrolux #simpletoshare project.

Melawares cute and chic kitchen wares.

Tiny Buds.

Johnsons Baby

The Little Bugger. Cute shoes for the little girls.

I was amazed by Giraffe, phone camera. Though I did not ask for the price hehe. 

Curious Chef: Safe Kitchen Utensils for Toddlers and Kids

Teething beads and Tots for Love. It was my first time to know about teething beads and to see one too. Tots for Love sell different cute stuff for kids like bibs, bags and bento stuff too!

Omma Organics. You can find out more of their products here:

Cast and Frame.
They offer 3D casting of baby's hands and feet, and also mom's belly for remembrance. 

Pure basics.


Developmental toy were also available in the bazaar.

Costumes for Christmas

Manila Baby Shop.

Indigo Baby.

My Haul and freebies from the bazaar!

Mommy Mundo is the Philippines’ most extensive portal of mom and family-focused resources.  Born out of a passion for motherhood, an advocacy for active parenting, and driven by a desire to help and provide support to mothers, Mommy Mundo aims to serve the information needs of moms not only through this online home, but through other forms of media such as print, web, events, and beyond. Mommy Mundo is made up of an active community of more than 30,000 moms.

For more information, visit their official site:

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