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Sunday, November 30, 2014

How to Avail Philhealth Benefits and Requirements

Last August, my little boy was confined in the hospital due to Pneumonia. It scared the hearts out of my hubby and I. Luckily, our little boy is a tough cookie and we were to get discharged after 5 days.

But of course such unexpected emergencies bring out expenses. Though, my hubby and I are both working, the hospital expenses burned our pockets. He was even confined one week before his first birthday.

Fortunately for us, I am a member of Philhealth and so we availed of the benefits included in the membership. It cut our medical expenses in half. Thus, I'd like all of you to also avail of the same benefits we availed.

Read on to find out the requirements to avail of Philhealth benefits depending on your membership category

Employment: If you are an employee of the government or private sector as well as household employees and sea-based OFWs whose premiums are jointly shouldered by the employer and employee.

Required documents:
1. Claim Form 1 (Original) signed by member and the employee. This form is given upon admission.
2. Claim Form 2 signed and filled up by a Philhealth accredited physician who attended to you/patient.
Tip: Give this form to your doctor during their rounds. You need this form signed and completed before your discharged date to avoid inconvenience of delayed preparation of your bill.
3. Member Data Record(MDR)
This form can be obtained from your HR or in any Philhealth office. You can use your Philhealth ID or number except if the patient is a dependent of the member.

Self earning Individuals - These are self practicing professional who voluntarily contribute to the program.

1. CF1 and CF2
2. Photocopy of Official Receipts showing payments of atleast 3months contribution paid within the last 6 months prior to the confinement
3. Member Data Record ( if patients is dependent, not the member)

Overseas Workers
These are land-based overseas contract workers whose premiums are paid prior to departure

1. CF1 and CF2
2. Photocopy of OWWA receipts with validity period
3. Member Data Record (MDR) If patient is a dependent of the member

This is a guide for availing of Philhealth benefits to reduce your hospital bills for confinement. Being prepared about the required documents can help you make your discharge stress free. The early completion will mean a smooth and fast discharge.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to comment below!:)

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