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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Week that Was: Tiring but Fulfilling

Am I glad today is Friday? Glad is an understatementnof how I feel about the weekend. Why?

I'll tell you why and share how my week went:

1. House/condo renovation. Hubby and I finally decided to live on our own this November. With that we had to fix my college-dorm-turned-for-rent-pad to our family's abode. It has been with us for about 11 years so there were really a lot to fix. Last week we started removing old furnitures. We cleaned what we can and this week the painting started.

2. School Work. Its nearing finals already  so there's really alot going on now. Aside from the classes I have, I also do formation workshops so that's another jpb to fulfill.

3. Check ups. This week my mom and baby boy needed medical check ups. My baby fo the last vaccine he needs and my mom for her eyes. It has been diagnosed to have worsen so we had to immediately bring her to the doctor.

That's the reason I haven't blogged for four days already. I wanted blog everyday but I think it would not be possible with the schedule that I have now. Anyway, just wanted to share with you my week. It has been tiring but fulfilling.

I realized that I am getting older but I have gotten more reasons to get better. This is week has been busy and challenging but I could never be happier with our achievements as a family.

How was your week?:)

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