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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Teaching Dental Hygiene to Infants and Children with Sansfluo

When I became a mom, I promised myself to take care of my baby's teeth just as my mom took care of mine. I am proud of my teeth and I have been complimented about it many times too. hihi!:) I remember my mom taking me to the dentist when I was just 7 years old. She also taught us to always brush our teeth and it was worth it because I did not have a major problem with my teeth in my teens even up to this day. 

Now that I am a mom, I am paying it forward to my son. I even found a partner in ensuring my baby's teeth would grow and stay healthy. Meet my dental hygiene partner, Sansfluo!!

Sanslfluo Toothgel Cleanser in Orange flavor. Php96.00

Sansfluo offers a variety of teething products for children ages 0 - 6 years old. Sansfluo Toothgel cleanser is specially formulated for infants and toddlers. It is fluoride free and is safe to swallow. It is non-foaming because it has no sodium lauryl sulfate and contains no harmful ingredients. It also has Xylitol that effectively clean's teeth and gums. 

What is Xylitol?
      A healthy natural sweetener extracted from fruits, berries, and hardwood trees like birch, xylitol is a popular ingredient in food, cosmetic, and drug products worldwide because of its numerous benefits: prevents tooth decay, stops plaque growth, stimulates salivary flow, relieves dry mouth, improves breath smell, reduces gum diseases, and remineralizes tooth enamel at the onset of tooth decay.

Here's a photo of my baby earlier in his teething stage. 

Sanfluo cleanse comes in a clear gel form.  

Tips in Teaching Dental Hygiene to Infants and Children

Start Early. 
As soon as the first tooth comes out, train your babies to brush their teeth thrice a day. 
Training them early can get them used to the routine making it stick to them easier. 

Make the experience fun and enjoyable. 
You know how kids are right? They should laugh and find their new experiences fun so they would want to do it again. My husband and I make sure to brush our baby together and sing along so he would associate a feel good feeling in brushing. We would invite him to sing along with us or dance before we brush his teeth so he looks forward to the activity. Until now that he's 1 year and 2 months, he still enjoys brushing his teeth with us. 

Use appropriate brushing tools.
Use age appropriate brushes when brushing your baby's teeth. Start them with dental brush and gum massager in the early stages of brushing. We shifted to Pen GripBaby toothbrush when he had about four teeth and was biting us already. 

Be consistent. 
Make sure to stick to the routine and be consistent. Doing so will make your babies and children used to the routine and it will be easier for them to keep the habit of brushing their teeth.

Bring them to the Dentist. 
As early as the first tooth comes out, it is best to bring them to the dentist. It is best to always seek for expert advise from them so we will be guided to out baby and children's dental hygiene. 

Be role models.
Teaching dental hygiene to our children will be a lot easier if we walk the talk. We are their role models so anything we do serves as an example to them including our dental hygiene. Our brushing routines can definitely influence their as well. 

Smiles become sweeter when all members of the family has great and healthy teeth. Sansfluo can be your choice in keeping your babies and kids' teeth healthy and strong. Sansfluo Toothgel Cleanser is perfect for our baby because it is safe to swallow and has xylitol. It comes in two flavors, strawberry and orange. Our baby loves the orange taste of the gel cleanser. He loves brushing his teeth and enjoys every minute of it. He even likes to extend our brushing time.

Thank you Sansfluo, the little boy loves his toothgel cleanser!:)

Thank you, Sansfluo Philippines and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for this opportunity!:) 

For more information, you may visit them in their official site here:
Strong and healthy teeth makes memories even sweeter!:) 

Sansfluo products are available at Mercury Drug, Watsons, SM Baby and Company, Rustans Department stores and supermarkets, Landmark, and other leading malls. You can also buy online thru Cudsly online here:

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