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Friday, November 14, 2014

EATS TAFT: Gregory Park Serious Grub

Hello there! I finally got the  nerve to start reviewing restaurants and I thought of starting it where I usually stay: TAFT AREA!:) hihi! I have spent more than 10 years of my life in Taft and I think it's about time I start sharing where my friends and I eat and dine. So let me start with this new discovery: Gregory Park Serious Grub

Gregory Park Serious Grub: Offers Mexican food at an affordable rate. It has only been in business for about two months now and are managed by (I think) siblings. My friend got the chance to talk to one of them and said that it's just their family business.

Here's their menu: 
They offer Burritos, Chalupas, Arroz, Chili n Cheese and Tortillas. An order of Burrito would cost you Php85.00 with Iced tea, while their other food costs about Php65 above. Not bad for a Mexican food right?

Chicken Burrito with Salsa and Iced Tea. (Their Iced Tea is not the powdered juices you would expect because what they serve is those brewed ones.)

Chili Cheese Nachos Php65.00

Chili Cheese Fries. 

Loaded Stuffed Tortilla. It has cheese and meat inside. Costs Php40.00

More than satisfied. Great Friends + Great Food = Great Night!!

What's my verdict?
It's a place where I would definitely go back too. We actually have eaten here more than 5 times and it never fails to keep our tummies satisfied. 

What I love about it:
Authentic Mexican taste
Consistent size and ingredients
Affordable price
Friendly staff 

What I wished they would do next time:
Consistent store hours. I don't exactly know when to expect their store to be open or on break. After my classes in the afternoon, I expect them to be open but there are times that they are closed. It's a little disappointing. 

BUT, other than that I love Gregory Park Serious Grub. 
It is a breath of fresh air in the area and they offer unique variety of food. It gets a little frustrating to find food in the area especially that I have been there for a long time but knowing that I can always have great tasting Mexican food is a relief. As a customer, the food they serve is clearly what I deserve, with the ingredients and the servings they offer, I know that I am valued as a consumer. It also shows that they take Mexican food rather seriously!:)

If you are in Taft area or would want to taste an excellent Mexican Food, try them Gregory Park Serious Grub at the University Pad, P.Ocampo Avenue, Malate Manila. They just opened their store so no Facebook, or other social media accounts yet. Will update once they have one!:)

Any restaurants you have tried in Taft Area, or would you like me to try any restaurant or food their? Comment in the box below, and I'd be happy to read them!:) 

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