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Monday, November 3, 2014

THE CREAM FACTORY: What's in Your Bath Cream?

I love weekends! Aside from the fact that I get to spend time with my family in Bulacan, I also look forward to spending my 'me' time in the bath!:) Yes, one of my indulgences in life is to spend an hour or two in the bath and just pamper myself and get ready for another week to come. Aside from being a Mom, I also teach in college four times a week, 3 hours a day and there are times that things can be really stressful. I also make time to blog and get in touch with my friends as much as I can. So every Sundays, I see  to it that I get to rest and relax by myself to take all the stress away.

But just as I thought things could not get any better, I FINALLY got my hands on The Cream Factory bath cream. I have been wanting to try their products for quite sometime now, and one of the main culprits is my favorite beauty blogger, Genzel Kisses. hihi! It was thru her blog that I first got to know about this product and I promised myself that I will get it one of these days. 

That day has arrived. And I GAVE IN. hihi! It was not really a tough fight because there were just so many reasons for me to give in. hihi! Can you feel my excitement as you read? Well anyway, I'll share with you first the basics about The CREAM FACTORY.

THE CREAM FACTORY is a US brand with a range of bath and body products made with real Netherlands goat milk, combined with 100% Active Botanical ingredients that have different benefits for each variant.
You might say that there is nothing special about their products as there are already a lot of bath creams available in the market but with Cream Factory the active ingredients is what makes their product better than others.

Photo from their site:

Active Ingredients includes:
Acai Berry, almond, avocado, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Honey, Jojoba, Lavender, Mulberry, Seaweed, Witch Hazel, and Yogurt. These ingredients combined with real goat's milk will give the skin more moisture. What's also great about their product is that they left out some ingredients that make cause skin problems or even cancer.

Here are the ingredients that they left out:

This information can be found in their website too!

I know you're also as excited as me knowing about all these things right? Tomorrow, please come back here as I share my true-to-life experience of The Cream Factory's Cinnamon Bath Cream!:) See you!:)

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  1. Until now, after all the raves and the reviews I view about this product, I haven't tried this one yet for myself. Guess I need to hit the counters soon?



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